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Re: Time to quit? ((((((Might trigger)))))) Jazzed

Posted by B2chica on May 25, 2005, at 11:25:28

In reply to Re: Time to quit? ((((((Might trigger)))))) daisym, posted by Jazzed on May 25, 2005, at 10:56:28

it's important that your support system (whomever they may be) knows about your negative thoughts. One that that has helped me is my pdoc keeps telling me most of my S. thoughts or self harm thoughts are impulsive...take the impulsivity out of them. if you're driving and think about pulling out infront of a bus, think of the passengers or the driver of that vehicle. You can't do anything impulsive- you can't, i'm telling you you can't. Don't.
and don't be mad at yourself for thinking them. my first guess is it's medication so no matter what you pdoc said last time you march in there and say "HEY- every other day i want to drive into oncoming traffic. These thoughts and feelings are not acceptable...change my meds or do something!"
and remember, it's one thing to have these thoughts, its another to act on them. when you have them, ask what was i thinking right before the thought came. is it a trigger? ask yourself 'why do i want to pull into traffic? how would my family/friends feel? what would it be like? go through each support persons life and how it would change.

please take care


> Well, it is good that I told my husband, but even if I were on the verge of doing something, he wouldn't do anything to stop me, I'm sure of that. He just has so little understanding that he could never fathom how desparate it feels. He's a good guy, and I'm lucky, he's always happy. He really balances me, esp. with the kids.
> Anyway, you're right, it's weird how one minute you can be thinking about what to cook for dinner, or how beautiful it is outside, and all of a sudden, out of the blue, you can have a thought pop into your head and kind of go with that for awhile. It's not like the first time, after the stimulant when I felt totally desparate thank goodness. It's more of a creeping up on me, you used the word impulsive, that's a good description.
> I did cut back to 40 mg again, and I feel good today, so maybe I just need to stay there for awhile and see what happens. I'm reluctant to call the p-doc because last time I called him, I could tell he was frustrated with me. If it gets bad again I'll call, but not unless it gets bad. This drug kind of sucks. I do feel more motivated, which is great, but I sweat like it's 80 and humid when it's 60 degrees out, have headaches, stuffy nose, and like I said before gained weight. Blek!
> Thanks Daisy, I appreciate your kind words.
> Jazz




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