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Re: the frustration continues fallsfall

Posted by crushedout on June 1, 2004, at 18:54:08

In reply to Re: the frustration continues, posted by fallsfall on June 1, 2004, at 7:30:48


I find your input on this really helpful. Where did you do all this DBT stuff? With your old T? I didn't know till recently that you knew so much about it.

Last week, my T and I had already decided to scrap the regular diary cards because so much of it was not relevant to me (like drugs and alcohol -- I don't do them or get urges to do them anymore) and some of it made sense to neither of us (like ratings 6 and 7 for the skills, which we still don't get). So my T made up a totally new diary card designed just for me, and while it was an improvement on Linehan's, I think she still made it too challenging for a beginner.

Today I tabled our discussion of the DBT stuff and took control of the session (which was very healthy of me) because I needed to talk about other stuff. We spent the last few minutes on my frustration with the stylized diary card and how every time I look at it, my blood pressure goes up and why. My T said I should just cross out with very dark pen the ones that I don't understand and just do the ones I do. She said the point of it is not to give me a heart attack. I said, yeah, I think we went too fast with this. I need to understand this better for it to feel helpful. She was very supportive (and made suggestions similar to what you're making here, falls). So I feel hopeful that we'll find a balance and a lot less frustrated (especially because I took control of the session, I think).

Although I didn't bring up the time issue (partly because I'm not sure I have extra time in my life to spare anymore), she mentioned an extra session for next week just as I was leaving (God, it's weird how she always seems to offer just when I think I can live without it). So we may have three sessions next week, which will make me feel more comfortable spending time trying to understand the skills.

Yeah, I also find Wise Mind extremely difficult. We've talked about it but I still don't feel like I understand (I'm honestly not sure how good of a skills trainer my T is -- she seems to "get" things but is not always great at explaining them to others). I think Wise Mind is what makes my blood pressure rise more than anything. I want so much to understand what it is and do it, but I have no idea whether I have or not. Argh.

I guess I'm not doing any equivalent to the front section anymore (since she stylized my card). I wonder why. I guess I should ask her.

>The idea of the cards is NOT to frustrate you.

Yeah, that's what my T said today. Phew.

I think doing DBT as a Babble group is a great idea! I'll try to come up with some simple ways to get us going. Or anyone else should feel free to jump in and get us started.

Thanks, falls.




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