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You flatter me Pfinstegg

Posted by Racer on March 20, 2004, at 17:06:40

In reply to Re: things I didn't know.. Pfinstegg, posted by Pfinstegg on March 20, 2004, at 15:09:05

Thank you for posting to me. And it is flattering that you've read my posts. Thank you for telling me.

Anyway, I've done a fair amount of research into my options, and I can safely say that this is what I'm stuck with for now. My husband just *finally* got a job, but it's a Canadian company just starting up here in the US, so they don't have benefits in place yet. They'll get to that sort of thing just as soon as someone gets enough time away from other 'real' work to deal with the side issues -- like benefits and getting telephones... Seriously, how much faith should I put in a company that has its employees bring their cell phones to work until they can get around to ordering telephone service? And their financial plan shows that, if they're not in the black within -- I think it was six months -- they're just going to give up on a US presence. I don't have any faith at all that we'll be getting health insurance through these people. If we do, though, then I'll be able to go to someone with a clue. So, I'm holding on to that thought to get me through this.

In the meantime, I've done the following to try to find alternatives:

Looked online, where I found a few possibilities. I called each, and found one that had low enough rates that I could sorta manage it. She turned out to be a really bad match, though. She enjoyed me, if you know what I mean. It was more like a coffee date than a therapy session, and that didn't work for me. The others were out of my price range.

I called every pdoc and psychologist listed in the yellow pages, asking if they accepted self-pay patients without insurance, and did they by any chance have a sliding scale? One doctor was willing to see me, and he turned out to be a real winner: he missed appointments, didn't respond to pharmacy requests for refill authorization on my meds, etc. NOT acceptable.

What I haven't done, yet, is call NAMI's local chapter. I'll try that on Monday or Tuesday. noa suggested it, and it's a great idea. I will try that.

And I'm not so much feisty right now, as desperate. See, when I get suicidal, I don't make a plan such as, "well, I'll get a gun..." I make a plan that says, "here are all the things I haven't tried yet, and once I've done them all without getting help, then I'll know that I have to do this." So, what looks like 'getting better' to people who don't know me well, is actually a sign of getting much much sicker. I'm falling so far back, and it's very distressing.

Thank you again for your attention. It is nice to know that I'm not as invisible as I feel right now.




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