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Oh @$#%$$% Karen_kay

Posted by Karen_kay on February 14, 2004, at 15:28:23

In reply to Elle, my soul sister.. Elle2021, posted by Karen_kay on February 14, 2004, at 14:32:04

Guys, should I take a break for a while???? I feel I'm saying really stupid things without thinking and then I leave and start cleaning my house or showering and realize, "Oh #%^%$^, I said something really stupid." Now, I'm not feeling well right now. Actually, I'm feeling really great. But..... I'll even point out my blunder...

<<And I requested a male therapist and a "real" therapist, not a student

***When I said "real" therapist, I meant that I preferred someone with experience... Now, considering who I see now, how stupid is that??? But, also at the time, in the university office, I went to high school with a student therapist and I didn't want to runthe risk of seeing her... OMG!!!

I honestly feel like 2/3 of my posts now are retractions and apologies for things I said in previous posts.... Am I making too much out of things or am I just saying stupid things? What is going on???? Some honest advice...

***And to those who are studying to become therapists.... I would try to apologize for what I said, but it would turn into aobut 30 posts apologizing for the previous apology. If you don't believe me, check out all of the apology posts I'e sent to Phil. Dinah, oculd you do my a favor and submit a link if anyone's interested.... See, I don't even know what the hell I'm talking aobut anymore... But, to those who are studying to be therapist's, most people odn't honestly feel this way. It was jsut that I didn't want ot run the risk of seeing htis particular girl. And I'm sorry if I've offended you. And I really, honestly, truly mean that.

So, am I jsut being stupid? Should I just take a posting break for a while? I need some honest answers... Because I can't honestly answer this question myself... Please tell me the truth.... Dinah, can you hear me??? And don't tell me to see my Pdoc, I already did.. I just want to know if I should take a break for a while, or if I'm jsut exagerating things... Cmon, give it to me... Calling Racer ( I know you'll tell me the truth!!!:)), Dinah, Daisy, gg, everyone!!!!!!!!!




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