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Re: Can you do it??

Posted by Karen_kay on January 8, 2004, at 16:55:39

In reply to Re: Can you do it??, posted by EmmyS on January 8, 2004, at 16:36:59

**Ok, I have to agree that you are totally unpopular (JUST KIDDING, in case you don't know :)
But, I'm all about this experiment! First of all as often as my therapist doesn't return my phone calls and hurts my feelings I want to put him in the position to make him feel uncomfortable.

The timing for me to ask this question wouldn't be right and he knows it. If it were 3 months ago, then it would be perfect. But, it isn't my business who he thinks about. I'm just curious to see how he would answer the question. And I'm ALL about wasting time as well. He'll pick up on the fact that the timing is wrong (unless he is as dumb as I think) and possibly ask why I want to know. I could go into a long explanation about sexual problems I'm having which wouldn't be a lie and it would in fact lead to a good therapy session about issues I've been avoiding. So, either I'm planning my next therapy session too much (AGAIN), or it could be beneficial.
Either way, it could start a good discussion of some things that I really, honestly should talk about. And I could see how he would handle such a topic. I think it is just natural curiousity. Personally, I know my therapist wouldn't tell me if he fantasized about me. And I don't want to know the answer. I highly doubt he does think about me little more than when I'm sitting in the room with him, even then I doubt he's thinking much :) Sorry, sometimes I have to take those extra shots.....

The comment about the dog scared me... I have to go hug my doggie and tell him everything is ok now. He's quite lovely and I think if I HAD to chose a dog I would chose one that looked similar to him. He's quite handsome you know.... Rufff! He he he.....

> Ok...I'm know this may be unpopular, but how the heck is our business who our T's fantasize about? Don't they give enough of themselves already to us?
> I adore my T and would never ask something so invasive. His fantasies are his business, and I just hope he enjoys the heck out of them! Whether they are about me, or his wife, his dog, or Orlando Bloom....I just want him to be happy.
> Emmy




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