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Re: Morita Therapy/Saito Therapy (long) BeARdEdLaDY

Posted by Alii on May 18, 2002, at 12:41:50

In reply to Morita Therapy, posted by BeARdEdLaDY on May 18, 2002, at 6:44:02


From: ( )

Morita Therapy directs one's attention receptively to what reality brings in each moment. Simple acceptance of what is allows for active responding to what needs doing. Most therapies strive to reduce symptoms.

Morita Therapy, however, aims at building character to enable one to take action responsively in life regardless of symptoms, natural fears, and wishes. Character is determined by behavior, by what one does. Dogmatic patterns of collapse are replaced with the flexibility to call upon courage and empowerment. Decisions become grounded in purpose rather than influenced by the fluid flow of feelings.

In Morita Therapy, character is developed by cultivating mindfulness, knowing what is controllable and what is not controllable, and seeing what is so without attachment to expectations. Knowing what one is doing, knowing what the situation is requiring, and knowing the relationship between the two are quintessential to self-validation, effective living, and personal fulfillment.

Character is developed as one moves from being feeling-centered to being purpose-centered.

A feeling-centered person attends to feelings to such an extent that the concern for self-protection reigns over decisions and perceptions. Given the human condition, change, pain, and pleasure are natural experiences. Indeed, emotions are a rich type of experience and a valuable source of information. Feelings are acknowledged even when what is to be done requires not acting on them. Constructive action is no longer put on hold in order to process or cope with symptoms or feelings. The individual can focus on the full scope of the present moment as the guide for determining what needs to be done.
From Saito therapy home page: ( )

What is Saito Therapy?

This therapy has been developed by me( Mr. Saito) from experience of having suffered from the dreadful social phobia and anxiety disorder and recovery from them. Saito Therapy is the essence of traditional Japanese Zen meditation and Morita Therapy which was established by Dr. Morita in 1920's.

Dr. Morita himself was suffering from anxiety disorder when he was a university student. He made his own effort to overcome this disorder by reading books,taking medication, practicing Zen meditation and all other exercise. But finally he gave up trying and study hard for his exams.

He was cured from this illness and he became a professor of psychiatry in Jikei medical university. He started His Morita Therapy hence and this therapy has been accepted as a unique and orthodox method in Japan nearly 80 years. But despite of this reputation and prevalence, it is hard to find those who are cured by this therapy. I myself got hospitalized in this therapy twice for 4 months and as a result I was very disappointed with this therapy and my life after this experience has been very miserable.

But in 1993 I came up with a very unique book "Arugamama no sekai ( Be as you are)" which was written by Dr Usa( Morita therapy specialist) and I was so impressed by this book and it made me realized that the way I was treating the illness was wrong. Since then my anxiety disorder has been increasingly become better and better and finally I have overcome my problems.

We are now in internet era and I decided to rescue those who suffer from the illness and I launched Japanese version of Saito therapy in 1997 on internet. Since then I have been giving advice to those who are anxiously seeking help and the result has been remarkable not only for anxiety disorder but also panic disorder, eating disorder, social phobia and OCD. Now I am ready to give good advice to the anxiety people in the world who need it.

My theory is quite unique and it's rate of effectiveness is very high. If you follow the next instructions, you will see great changes over night. Your mood swings will be stabilized and your depression will disappear but it will take patience and time to get rid of your all anxiety flashbacks. I am optimistically awaiting your good news with positive recovery.

Area of effectiveness:
Anxiety disorder,social phobia, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, eating disorder and syndromes induced by anxiety.

What do you have to do to cure disorder? Very simple.

1.Give up all your effort for a treatment for your anxiety disorder
2.Change your life style completely
3.Stop listening to your obsessive and intrusive thoughts. Start doing something to keep you busy.
4.Go to bed early at night when you feel very depressed
5.Go straight to school or to your office without any preparations and precautions.
6.Do not go to doctor, do not take medication, do not read books that are related to your disorder. do not collect information about your problems.

Alii here----Okay, you want my opinion? For some this may work but for the majority of people with anxiety disorders/OCD I think this is TOO SIMPLISTIC an approach.

Morita has very calming aspects to it however I feel that it is dangerous to suggest to people with serious chemical imbalances try to 'think' their way out of their situation.

Plus the implication that mere character building is an answer is insulting to a large portion of the population. ---Alii the grouch




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