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Re: There is a great deal of ruin in a nation

Posted by alexandra_k on October 17, 2021, at 13:18:51

In reply to Re: There is a great deal of ruin in a nation, posted by alexandra_k on October 17, 2021, at 13:01:58

and then i send my webpage to various things...

the universities. the courts.

this is all the work that i have done -- and this is what the universities have given me in exchange for it.

and then future students can look and see all the work that i did for no credit. and decide if they want to slave for the universities.

and people can look and see all the work that other people who have obtained degrees from that university have done. and decide if the universities have any credibility at all.

and i can document the judgments from the courts.

and i can even document my filings to the courts.

so people can see if new zealand is the kind or sort of country that it is possible to do business with or if contracts cannot be upheld here.

if the present administration is too corrupt.


it is concerning that the nz government has recently changed the 'terrorism' laws so as to increase the powers of the government to involuntarily detain people who have not actually been convicted of a crime on grounds that they suspect them being a danger to... the public order. or similar. non-compliant with government directive. you know how it is.

these dangerous ideas that every child should have their very own book.

these dangerous ideas that every child is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions about said book.

apparently some minister someplace overseas... got stabby stabbed in a methodist church.

i think our government is looking for a reason to go after the methodists again.

interesting, hey... my mother did not raise me religious at all. but the values... the value of education etc.

the government seems to want the only things of value to be all hoarded by themselves so people are only more incentivised to spend their lives sucking up to them.

they go quite mad with power.


pacifists aren't a danger to others. that's the thing about pacifists.

that's why they wanted to document me as a violent criminal. they hire security to get up all pushy into people's faces and if the person attempts to hold their ground or assert their personal space they think they are entitled to take them down or run away and scream 'assault! set off the duress alarm!'

that's why they wanted to document me as harming myself. so if / when they decide to harm me later they will blame me for that. 'she's a known self-harmer'. that was the whole thing on everyone needing to have documented self-harm before they would be eligible for government help... for psychology...

they say to people 'you don't get rehab until / unless you are in prison / hospital'. then they try and get people all 'voluntarily' committing themsleves to institutions. because it's cheaper to keep them there. and cheaper, then, to euthanise them and feed them to each other in the slops. i wiould imagine.

breeding kuru.

so they can sell their brains to harvard.





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