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Re: Australia and China

Posted by alexandra_k on October 9, 2021, at 18:07:13

In reply to Australia and China, posted by sigismund on October 9, 2021, at 17:02:36

i got so far as there is b*llsh*t on both sides...

i think there is, indeed. i think the whole thing is b*llsh*t.

what difference does it make if Taiwan is part of China or it is independent?

there was this thing about federal funding in the USA. the various states can do their various things with state funding... but there are various sorts of federal funds available for states who comply with various federal laws. e.g., federal funding for hospitals and so on. but only if they pass inspections and so on.

so i got to thinking about NZ and Australia... my reading of the Australian Constitution (not a thing often read) is that NZ was regarded by Australia to be a State of Australia. They noted that if they started trying to get NZ on board with that... They'd still be squabbling however many years later... So they pronounced that it would be 'expedient' to include it even though NZ did not agree... And part of Australia it was. It was thereby pronounced.

And the constitution hasn't been amended to remove it as a State. So...

We don't have federal funding for our hospitals. Our schools. Any of our social services. We don't comply with the things we would need to do to get federal funding, to be fair.

A liability to Australia. NZ is.


You aren't allowed to discriminate against people on the basis of what State they are from. It's in the constitution.

So... All those dole bludgers from NZ who wanted to go dole bludge Australian Dollars on the Gold Coast...

It's their right to move around Inter-State.

At least it used to be. Prior to Covid.

I am trying to enrol to vote. The Electoral people... Took more time than I would expect them to have done to try and persuade me that I wasn't eligible.

Story of my life, hey. I'm not eligible for all of the things I'm entitlted to. What you gonna do about it rawk ! rawk! rawk! You and whose army?

Apparently Taiwan hasn't formally declared independence.

Did New Zealand? A treaty isn't a declaration of independence. If it was put to the NZ people that they were in fact Australian Citizens... Free to save up their dole via a couple weeks starvation (or similar).... So they could flee flee flee to a nation with however many ICU beds per person (well, if you exclude the state of New Zealand)... I think... I think... I think quite a few would up and go.

I think quite a few.

It's the government narrative that Maaori are tied to their swampy swamp. That that's their culture. To be tied to their swampy swamp otherwise they aren't really Maaori and they are abandoning their culture.

It is decidedly not part of their narrative that Maaori have gotten in tehir boats and f*ck*d off for a better life over and over and over and over and over and... How you think they got so far as NZ?

I think there is more co-operativity between China and USA and England and Australia than anything else... Backdrop of co-operativity. I mean.... They all be 'winning' in their perspective regions. Right? All of the riches and so on for their own children at the expense of everyone else. Right? Win win win win win win win?

And what to do with those pesky young boys.. Drown them in deep sea trenches. I suppose. Less civilian damage. I suppose. Playing their war games under the sea...

And not out in the open... Not on the land. Not in the desert. And so on...




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