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here is a stupid game

Posted by alexandra_k on May 29, 2021, at 18:51:55

the aim of the game is to make sure that as many people as possible have their preference unsatisfied. that the aim or goal of the game.

it goes like this:

1) get children to say what forever job they want to have from a very young age. have them commit to that. that gives people plenty of time to berate them out of it if they don't approve. it gives an amount of time for the children to come around to the idea that their preferences are to be disregarded and others preferences are to be instilled instead. it gives them time to have cognitive behavioral restructuring into jobs that we approve of. it gives time for their real preference to be undermined or undsicovered. this helps ensure their real preference is not met. because tehy don't know what it is. because when they do know what it is then it is undermined persistently and repeatedly. psychologically. so they give up trying. so they don't try. so it has no chance of being honored.

2) limit exposure to different career options. that's part of having children commit to their forever career. so they are limited to what their parents do, what their parents friends do, being a teacher of kids of some variety, or being something they have seen on TV. likely doctor. because of shortland street (NZ's most longstanding TV drama where the head of the hierarchy of the aim for the top is medical administration by way of medicine).

3) really really really sell the idea that medicine is aiming for the top and the aim of the game is aim for the top and settle for what you get. so kids (some kids) are told that if they want to be a physio or a dentist or an oral hygenist or an occupational therapist or a manager or an administrator or anything anything anything at all... Then you aim for the top which is medicine. and on the back of training to do medicine you can do anything anything anything at all. But the converse or the contrary is not the case. If you aim 'lower' then you will be stuck in the low... NEver able to work your way up.

4) So now you have made it competitive. All these kids who stated their preference was physiotherapy or athlete or musician or artist or business.. All these kids... Think the way to their goal (to meet their preference) is to apply to study Medicine.

5) NOw we have achieved something like 800 teenagers applying to MEdicine when there are only 300 places. OOOoooooooh!!!!! Suuuuuuuuuper competitive!!! Wow!!! That's competitive!! That means MORE people should apply. MORE AND MORE AN DMORE AND MORE. The MORE who apply only reinforces our stupid view that MORE shold apply. The MORE who apply the MORE YOU MUST APPLY!! YOU MUST APPLY!! YOU MUST APPLY TO MEDICINE if you want to do anything. If you want to satisfy whatever it isthat you want to do.

6) So all these kids apply to Medicine. Why? Well... If you ask them... IN a sort of a casual way... Like... Shrug your shoulders. You don't care what they say. You aren't invested. You aren't going to persuade them. After some conversation where you demonstrate an interest in whatever they are showing an interest in. Whatever... Animates... Whatever animates them... You actually hear a dviersity of things. Or sometimes tehy shrug and say 'I don't know.' And sometiems tehy say 'I just want for my people to feel proud of me'. A lot of that latter one.

7) So in this way, anyway, they have a lot of applicatnts to medicine. From teenagers. With... False consciousness. False conscience. Kids who don't really know what they want to do with their lives. Or kids who actually want to do something else but have been told or led to believe that it isn't acceptable for them to pursue taht...

8) They actually get as a matter of fact.. Not quite 2x the number of applications as there are available places from domestic adults. Wehre adult jsut means 'has attained the age of 20 years'.

9) There are two universities that offer medicine and adults (who have attained the age of 20 years) typically apply to both. ANd some apply to Australia as well.

10) That is to say... If they offered a place in Meidcine ot every adult who applied for Medicine... They likely wouldn't end up with more enrolments than available places. Because half would decline from preference to go to the Other Univesrity or to to to Australia if they got an offer from there.

11) That is to say it's not competitive if you only look at the application sfrom domestic adults.

12) That is to say demand for enrolent in tehp rogamme and the number of training places they wnat to cap things at... Is rogughly equal.

That's teht hing about life... ABout the world... ABout people... A bout the way teh world works.

When you get off your high horse of thinking you know better and micro-mis-managing things all teh time... Just leave it alone...

Things work out so that most people can have tehir GENUINE preferences satisfied.

The problem is these people who choose to play stupid games where they create FALSE demand for things that people don't genuinely prefer. They try and con people by marketing or other heavy handed tactics of social pressure into creating demand (or behavioral compliance with the appearance of demand) to satisfy something they are very commited to:

Not everyone can hve genuine need met.

there is NEVER eough to meet genuine need.

Conditionf os deprivation must be introduced and kept there ALWAYS. That's the only game we are interested in playing.

They don't need to randomise for fainess. Randomisation is'nt the introduction of fairness. Eliminating discrimination isn't the introduction of fairness.




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