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Re: everytime they open their mouths...

Posted by alexandra_k on February 4, 2021, at 15:48:36

In reply to Re: everytime they open their mouths..., posted by alexandra_k on February 4, 2021, at 15:41:06

teh point of acc is to delay approving the claim until the initial hospital visit is over.

that's how they make their vast sums of money.

because the largest expenses are associated with initial decisions that are made around whether the person gets the diagnostic scans and labs and what hospital they are in (public or private, particularly) and things like that.

so the people with private health insurance get in to the private hospitals initially because they have the security that if acc doesn't get it their health insurance company will.

and then the health insurance company gets ACC to cough up.

but the rest of the people don't get treatment because ACC delays processing them and so they simply don't get the scans and the like. they don't get told about 'options' (they don't get to make informed decisions about their care).

like the border workers and so on, now. the grand plan is that these people will take what vaccines they are offered when they are offered them (and be grateful for what they are given). and their family members will too...


there really does seem to be the threat of them losing their jobs. which means them (and their family) will starve.

i can only suppose that is the implication the government is portraying via the media, right now.

because that's what informed consent MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEANS. And because that's what the right to refuse medical treatment / the right to refuse to be the subject of medical experimentation MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEANS.


the fact the new xi-land government doesn't get it. doesn't understand it. doesn't understand why it's important. doesn't understand the sicence well enough to know that rational informed people can disagree. doesn't understand the science well enough to know that there are factors that likely impact whether the vaccine is or is not right for you that they are blind do. they think they have the right to be blind because they are...

you guessed it...

wanting to run their medical trial.

and the government has decided that it's justified.

of course. your government knows what's right for you.

of course. of course they do.

the new xi-land government has such a good reputation of having made terrific decisions in that respect.

such a good track record of getting quality healthcare to the people...


there's a lot of a problem, here.




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