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new xi-land

Posted by alexandra_k on February 1, 2021, at 16:50:31

as we like to call it, now.



the new xi-land government signed away our right to sue foreign manufacturers and the like for harms arising from vaccines.

they signed away the right of the people to do that.

but it's okay -- because I can phone up Moderna and say 'how much money for a vaccine' -- right? I mean... supposing I want a Moderna vaccine rather than a different sort of vaccine.

or did the new zealand government sign away the rights of it's citizens to purchase vaccination?

i don't mean to jump the cue. i'm happy to wait my turn. i'm happy to wait until it comes available to me given my priority status... i am young with no pre-existings. i don't think that i have undiagnosed lung issues. i am healthy and active. i am happy to wait my turn. but i get to make an informed decision about what vaccine i have -- right?


or did our government sign away the rights of it's people?

why would i choose a vaccine where i don't have the right to sue the manufactuerer for harms arising? that doesn't seem sensible.

i'll pay more for the right to sue in america!!

why wouldn't the new xi-land government pay more for the right to sue in america!!

they could strike it rich!!


it would be buying insurance. wouldn't it? buying insurance that they took due care. that they followed the rules in the production and manufacter. because they would be ACCOUNTABLE to the highest standards of accountability that there are.

why wouldn't the new xi-land government want the very best for it's people?

or at least let us get on with our own affairs...

about that vaccine that i'll get to buy for myself, one day. off the internet or whatever. i wonder how much it will cost... i wonder what else i'll need. i suppose it will come with manufacturer instructions on administration. i'll make sure i adminster it right.

not like the administration of vaccine situation in Samoa where they mixed it with expired anasthetic resulting in wrongful death.

or do i need a prescription?

do i need the university to process the application of competent people...
to sign off on degree completion of competent people...
for the new xi-land government to publically advertise the jobs in health...
for the new xi-land government to hire the best candidates
for the new xi-land government to hold employees to account so that they are performing their job to best practice?

or am in expected to give up all my rights of buying it myself and administering it myself...

in exchange for...


in exchange for...

grossly incompetent imbeils being the only people allowed to do anything in new xi-land.

is that the deal?

who wants to do business in / with new xi-land?






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