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to be fair

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 17:00:05

they likely would have been fired for saying 'wah wah wah' before.
i mean, the reason they were advancing in their career was because they were able to convince their superiors that they were totally and utterly inept and incompetent without their superiors and their one and only goal in life was to further the cause of their superiors and huddle along behind them or they would surely die...

and they did that for long enough... and their superiors died...

and there they are. their inheritance.

but, still, it is a change them engaging in *critique*. that doesn't happen. people don't critique things. they spout the party line.

you know the party. the people in wellington who believe they are smarter than everybody else and remunerated better than everybody else because they are entitled and they work harder (times are so hard they work three jobs, they work all the jobs, there aren't any jobs for everybody else, all they need everybody else to do is to grow and collect up food for them and serve them).

shifting things from the universities to the trade-schools won't change so very much.

they think they'll be getting free slave labor on construction and the like.

and they'll get shoddy work and cut corners blamed on the studnets buildings being burned and blame it on the apprentice because we wanted to collect the insurance pay-out.

they won't sign the students off. they won't pay their workers.

they'll keep them paying the trade-schools and the trade-schools won't sign them off.


they pay people more and more and more and more on the basis of how many others careers they prevent. how many other people they can eat.

that's the game.

that's the set-up.

that's the situation.

ensuring we have massive numbers of slaves... continually throwing us money (because we're so clever)

we're so clever the world can't do business with us.

that we do isn't 'business'.

it's something different, entirely.

it isn't other countries playing 't*t for tat' (wow NZ is starting to 'independently discover' a line of research that was all the rage internationally about 20 years ago)...

it's about...

why would a country do business with new zealand?

what do we have to offer?

clean green?

look at our climate change ACTIONS. toxic waste. human sewerage. farm contamination. unswimable lakes and oceans.

come be a studnet?

we don't sign them off. we want them slaving our plantations only while paying us for the privaledge of working 2x 3x 4x the standard time never getting the qualiflication they tried to sign up for.

arts and culture?

where is it? 2 or 3 people with speaking rights and a herd of people who look sick and unhappy and distressed. there's so very few named artists. we don't pay people until they are dead (and then we still don't pay them). nothing is produced here. it's cookie cutter mass produced by low paid workers with no qualifications.

why would anybody want to do business with us?

we don't do any of the things we are supposed to do...

from processing visa applications... to building safety compliance issues...

it's here a bribe there a bribe here a whim there a discretionary judgement.

good people cannot do business with us.

'i don't know what you meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean by x'.


so you grub all the money and don't allow anybody else to do anything until you get it (which is never).

good job!




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