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Re: wah wah wah!!!

Posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 16:15:20

In reply to Re: wah wah wah!!!, posted by alexandra_k on January 23, 2021, at 16:04:20

I guess they were coming to do stem cell research. Because that's not illegal here. Because we have very very high rates of abortion.

We have pretty high rates of caserian... That means the mother is anesthetised for the birth and the father is not present.

We have medical students (19 year old boys, I think) doing cervical smears and abortions.

Otago has all the old ob gyn equipment in museum types of exhibition cases all over the university.

motivating a generation of teenage boys to pay vast sums of money (or con their parents into it, I guess) to do medicine...


There used to be this thing about two worlds or realms or whatver.

Maaori used to say.

They would have home. Communal group living lucky for running water and sanitation...

And they would have whatever part of their day was 'civilised' with work or school.

And it was like two realms or worlds.


I think there is at least 2 worlds at the Universities in NZ.

I imagine there is a large volumes of low valued garbage world...

Where there's vast amounts of money to be made off of keepling student slaves throwing money at the Univerity for as long as possible... Keeping them slaving on garbage... Money is time and added time is added money. Keeping the bums on the seats. Keeping the citizens throwing money at the University so that the... WOrld. Doesn't pay them. THey don't earn an income. They only become more and more and more and more and more endebted. More and more deep into debt. To the Univesrity.

And then, I imagine, there is this other world of the people they pay.

I suppose now we have two worlds, again.

We have the people they pay to lord and master over the previous situation. That's why they pay them -- Because they extract more money out of others than their pay-checks. So they earn their keep in this way.

ANd then...

Well then...

There's the 'and what was this supposed to be about anyway'?? Thing...

The research output.

The motivating / inspiring teachers who attracted people to certain things where people were productive in those things (for a bit, for a time, until they got knocked back crabs in a bucket-like because they thought they would get more money out of them for keeping them slaving forever).

Teh research output.

Because it's a research university -- right?

The research projects... The start of people's career... Making things. Producing things...


It's slavery all the way thought?

It's worse than slavery because slaves weren't required to pay their masters.




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