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Posted by alexandra_k on January 13, 2021, at 2:03:38

I walked around, today, looking for books...

The University of Auckland Library is full of dusty old books only. The sorts of books that get donated when people die and nobody knows what to do with the books they had. It's full of a random assortment of old books by unknown authors. You think there might be gems that aren't more mainstream because they were undiscovered... But mostly it's just streams of... Ur... Um... Yeah...

But the trouble with getting rid of them is... Well... That would be burning the books.

The trouble, really, is that all the good books have been stolen or relocated or misappropriated over the years and what remains is... The remains. Yeah. And you couple that with many many years of no investment. No purchasing of new, quality, books. Just an accumulation of old people's remains.

In a 'University' with an 'Education Department' they don't even have the books that you would use as study guides for Secondary School Curriculum.

I went to the University Bookstore. It was full of Secondary School Curriculum books. Not the ones I found online that seemed okay... Other ones. Workbooks. Awful ones. Ones that made my eyes bleed.

Apparently the University books are all kept locked up behind the desk, now. You hand over your government issued Universitiy ID and they can bring out the books you are supposed to purchase for University. There is no browsing the shelves. Not for University books. All held behind the counter. Like you keep the opiates in the drug-store.

I went to another University that also has Education Degrees. They also didn't have any curriculum books for teaching Secondary School. Any content or curriculum review books. ANy secondary school level books.

I went to the public library. They had an odd assortment of books. To do with studying for Cambridge and GRE.

We don't really have books, anymore. We dont' really have reading or writing.

Things are worse than they were when I was at school. Pretty sure.

It seems the government doesn't want people reading anything that isn't on the governmetn reading list. ANd the government doesn't give people a way of living (scholarships or whatever) to produce anything that isn't government approved.

THe approved publications are all puny little tiny things. I am not disparaging conceptual sophistication. I am saying that people aren't allowed to produce.

Thigns are very very bad in NZ.

1984 is taught, apparently.

The studnets are taught that that's how things are in NZ.

They should also read 'Brave New World' about how the government chose to keep it's people conceived in alcohol, born into oxygen deprivation, bashed about the head in teh name of national sport.

So many people are so very very very very very very very unhappy here.

What a con.




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