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Re: US doctor immigrates to nz...

Posted by alexandra_k on July 21, 2020, at 22:46:52

In reply to Re: US doctor immigrates to nz..., posted by alexandra_k on July 21, 2020, at 22:26:07

There were some Chinese people in yellow with a banner saying 'communism aims to destroy the human race'.

I think the people in yellow are communist / mainland china people.

And the people in blue are independence for the colony people (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Tibet, whatever).

There used to be Falon Gong practitioners...

Then the vanished. They are not there in the civic centre doing their yoga-like exercises, anymore.

Where did they go?

They would hand out pamphlets about how the WHO agreed that Falon Gong practitioners (and other minority group members) were being detained and that the number of organ transplants did not match the number of voluntary donors...


I think China is helping the world develop.


I mean to say: Suppose China presents itself to the world as a bit of monster. China presents as 'we are more powerful than you and we will give you all the things you want and many many more besides. And how we will make these things for you and give them to you so very very very very cheaply is we will not pay workers. We will have them working with toxic chemicals in appalling conditions. We will put the quality products in much plastic that nobody knows how to dispose or or recycle and most particularly not you. Okay? Great? Wanna do business?'

And then China can see who is willing for many atrocities to be committed on the Chinese people / Chinese workers to profit at their expense.

And then China knows...

Whether these are good people, or whether trade sanctions must be imposed to prevent the race to the bottom.


The 'free' world needed to stand up for 'free to wear a mask if you choose'. Much of the 'free' world actually banned masks. You were not free to choose to wear a mask.

Hospital workers were being told to remove them. Not wear them. We will not supply them. You will not supply your own. You are scaring the public. You are not allowed to wear them.

You are not allowed to compete in many sports if you do not wear the uniform. The uniforms are felt to be degrading to many of the athletes. Many of the male divers do not want to wear speedos in front of the world in order to practice their sport. Many of the female athletes don't want to wear thongs to play beach volleyball etc. They are not free to choose to wear clothing they feel comfortable in.

The 'free' world was required to stand for rule of law for Hong Kong.

The 'free' world is required to care about human rights abuses of the Chinese people (and minority groups within China).

I wonder, a bit, if it comes from WW2. Germany was held accountable for atrocities against Jewish people (and other groups) and nuremberg trials and laws developed.

But the Japanese atrocities against the Chinese were given a free pass by the US in exchange for data (or similar).

So the Chinese people haven't felt like the world has cared about the lives of Chinese.

Which may make it harder for the Government to care for it's own people too.

I don't know.




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