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things are shifting in nz

Posted by alexandra_k on June 26, 2020, at 21:24:16

we are part of the australian bid to host the women's world cup football (soccer) 2023. the projected $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is in considerable excess of what we get for events like the world cup mens rugby.

they are trying to get basketball going. there have been a few people from NZ to get sports scholarships to US universities for basketball. in the whole 'and now the people come home' thing we are having a... draft? i don't know how that works... but it will be higher quality / calibre basketball than we are used to, i think. we have not invested very much in basketball.

but... the surplus merchandise was shipped to this part of the world. i remember Starter Jackets when I was near the end of High School / start of Uni. 90's, I guess. And the hats, too. I was a fan of Charlotte Hornets because of the Hornet. Some crazy designs...

Anyway... We have a bunch of hats, now. Not the 'event' ones (associated with particular seasons)... But I guess it's a way of moving surplus... Baseball, too. Some of the merchandise... Not much... We don't play baseball... But some. Everybody knows the NY logo for the... I don't even know who... I don't think anybody knows who or what sport it is, even. The mets? I dunno...

Some of our artists who fled to California... Coming back. It makes the whole 'we don't have any skilled people here' the obvious crap that it is. It is just that good people cannot function, here.

A US couple is suing a tour company (apparently with a NZ branch or similar) so that NZ is required to be part of the defence... For taking them out to a volcano when it was under level 2 activity alert (highest alert) without informing them of risk of explosion... It did explode. They were pelted with firey rocks and spent months in our crappy hospitals having skin grafts and... They are suing in the state of Miami... I guess there are US tour businesses that form business arrangements with local guides and the like in the attempt to produce a higher quality, culturally appropriate tourist experience. So some sort of insurance on the part of the people who book the tour. To think that the business is accountable for safety of tourist activities, yeah. Not to hide behind a 'you can't sue us in this country because we have ACC (free hospital 'care') in exchange for your right to sue'.

Because, you know, we don't want to develop a health system or a law system either. Just do whatever you want whenever you want because you want and, uh, American Tourists will hear about it and nobody will want to come here, anymore...

We are getting people deported from Australia, too. Patched gang members of international gangs. They return to New Zealand. They have things like cocaine and semi-automatic guns. They have imprisoned a bunch of them. So that will throw things up a bit in the prison hierarchy etc etc. The local gangs are used to having control of that...




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