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unpopular view

Posted by alexandra_k on June 14, 2020, at 13:09:45

i guess i am often drawn to unpopular views.
maybe in the sense / spirit of advancing the dialogue.
i don't mean to tear things down (no but) i mean to encourage things to develop and advance (because of concerns or criticims or whatever that spur further or future growth).
but it's perhaps also a psychological thing that i have.
to have a sort of a startle reflex to others.
to respond agily with a pivot or change in direction.
sometimes people think i am oppositional -- but i don't mean to be undermining.
i think people find it hard not to find a mirror, sometimes.
it can be experienced as invalidating.
but it can be hard for me to feel like i never get to say what's on my mind.
i am allowed only to regurgitate the party line unthinking only...

i feel sad for Trump that people seem to hate him / that he isn't allowed to do anything right.
no matter what he does people jump all over it that it's the wrong thing.
it seems that he can't win...

but he's the president of the united states of america. and gee, given that, how many other things does it get to win? that don't seem hardly fair...

but Obama was much beloved. i mean, generally or mostly. or... perhaps from the majority of people who i sort of identified with, myself. i'm not sure... but obama was (it seems to me) much beloved.

and Trump is about as much reviled as obama was beloved. and i am not sure i understand why.

Trump said something about looking at the effects. people loved obama. he seemed to be a genuinely nice guy. the things he said seemed good and nice. obama-care... people were worried that they wouldn't have care they needed (because he would run things broke). people thought they may obtain the care they needed. but for all the kerfuffle... what changed? what practical difference did the introduction of obama-care mean or make to anybodies life???

what did obama dooooooooo exactly with respect to helping America improve on the world stage and domestically???

of course i don't know stuff all about it... but i am concerned that the answer is surprisingly little. ineffectual...

I don't think anybody wanted to think that Trump was hiding in a bunker in the whitehouse while... the kkk??? terrorised America. He heard that a church had been burned / damaged by fire. a church as old as / as symbolic as the whitehouse. He took a walk to there (I am not afraid) and held up the book of law.

if that wasn't a display of solidarity with the american people -- what would have been?

it seems, often, that people simply will not admit to him doing anything right. that he is only to be interpreted as doing the wrong thing. constantly.

i don't quite get why he is so poorly presented / portrayed.

he said he did more for black people than lincoln.

i wondered what he meant...

laws changed under lincoln. I think. Slaves were freed.

but they were not empowered on lincolns watch.

but empowerment can't be given by trump or the government or anybody else.

empowerment has to be in spite of or despite all of that.

perhaps that's what he means.

it's possible i am too charitable in my interpretation of him.

likely because i think others err in the other directions.

i suspect the truth probably lies someplace in the middle...




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