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Re: Jacinda

Posted by alexandra_k on May 14, 2020, at 18:15:00

In reply to Re: Jacinda, posted by alexandra_k on May 14, 2020, at 0:55:49

I initiated judicial review at the high court. me vs the university of auckland.

documented how they miscalculated my gpa and tag teamed with another nz university such that my work wasn't given to external examiners so as to keep me out of medicine.

i pointed out that the university equity policies and procedures are focused on how people with disabilities and people of certain minority groups are underachieving. not producing work up to standard. not meeting entry requirements. the equity policies and procedures make it sound like they will ONLY accept these people to study at the university if they agree,basically, to produce substandard work for them, and, of course, they only have entry at all from their benenifcence in choosing them for selections.

i think it is beacuse disability equity in fact is employed like it is in the university varsity blues thing in the US. that is to say in practice it amounts to a hoop that the kids of doctors jump through if they think they won't score highly enough on whatever tests etc. so, for testing accommodations. for adderal prescriptions. that kind of thing. for getting picked or chosen to do it because of who their parents are and then saying that they were picked because of disabiltiy inclusion.

i have been thinking about the university varsity blues thing...

1) why is she being tried in boston when the crime pertains to california?

2) why is she being tried at all?

she did not plead guilty. i understand that.

why not?

apparently her kids said she didn't even want to go to university.


why not?

i don't know the kid. is she more than a pretty face? did she make an intelligent and informed decision that she need not go for the social capital -- because she's got plenty social capital as it is. and she doesn't really want to go to university for the learnings, or whatever, so...


with respect to something she can do...

she can hold the system to account for people trying to game the university system. also... trying to game the social capital system. in some way... it's not good for that, either.

am i making any sense??

anyay... i just don't see that it looks at all good for the university of auckland. i don't see what possible defence they could have. i read the evidence i supply and i just don't see any defence for them, at all.


i guess now i'm waiting on the courts. need to wait 25 days (plus some transit time) for the respondant to respond. But the respondant is likely to be ordered to change by the judge. I mean... I served teh person who acts as counsel for the council since there has been a change in VC and seems odd to serve the student rep. I don't know who the judge will name as the respondant. Then I guess that partiular person needs to be served.

I hate this country. It is impossible to achieve or accomplish anything. You spend your entire life re-inventing the wheel. Which is not world-leading or creative or... Crabs in a bucket. Indeed.




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