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all the degrees lead to the same place

Posted by alexandra_k on May 8, 2020, at 22:12:27

up up up up up.

up the hierarchy to vice chancellor or senior executive.

of one thing,

two things,

theree things,


all the things, all the things, all the things!


the great hierarchy of being

where medicine is the top

maybe some engineering

maybe some law

get the pieces of paper

get the certification

the money

collect up all the works of others


lower down the hierarchy less of the certification

harder to limit others access to

money and titles

where they get acknowledged for the stuff they produce

where they have working conditions for production

and furtherest down the pyramid of the university

nearer the bottom

we have the 'useless' subjects done only by 'stupid people'

of the arts

like english and philosophy.

i mean... some people learn 2 or more languages in their lifetime.

what is up with people still learning 'english' when they only speak 'english' however many years later in life.

how stupid can they be?

and philosophy? i mean, what you do you *mean* by x? i mean i know you said it millions of times and i know i've been speaking english for all of my life but my reading comprehenion no worky so much and i don't *understand* what you *mean* by x. can't you stay with me and explain it to me at great length for millions and millions and millions and millions of years??

and the great aim of having all of the money all the power all of the things reconised as your things (whether you produced them or not) is the aim of life.

not to produce anything of your own.

but to collect up all the products of others.

i mean others are the product of you anyway, right?

your animals to do with what you will.

do they have enough paper? toner? ink supplies? do they have the things they need to do work? ahahahaha they're just retarded slow workers! you can collect up money to 'look after the incompetent and inept' that you made feeding them alcohol and preservatives and additives. giving them whacks about the head in teh name of sport.

tis a wonderful life.

working your way to the top.

having all the money and power and resources and products of other peoples labor and other people, really.

all the things. all the things. all the things.

that's how you really know that you made it in life.

all the kids that were supposed to go to university.

their parents got to keep them.

their parents can do their first semester work for them, while the kids stay in their bubble of their homes.

see how many parents faces loom about the kids computers while they do their online tasks. their studies. their assignments. their exams.

see how many kids under 20 get scholarship payments to study medicine where the money comes in to them from the loan i took to do some 'pre-requisite' i was set that i pay to the university in fees. to give to them. so they can come out with the top of the hierarchy degree with no loan. for having done little of the work. for their parents. whether they like it or not. it's just a wonderful race to the top!

which is of course why nobody can do business with us.

why nobody will.

the people are getting restless. only 0-2 new cases per day. only old people with much underlying are dying.

people aren't socially distancing.

people are looking at me strangely for socially distancing, already.

i wonder how much longer it will be before they realise that it isn't our government that has closed the border internationally.

it isn't our government that is limiting trade.

all the governments the world over... surveillance devices, tracking devices, logging devices, were rolled out for the people of this world. the people will be tracked and logged and tagged. the authorities can locate them and anyone they have contacted with within a few days.

for better... for worse...

it is what it is, now.

meanwhile my landlord refuses to provide an adequate source of heat for my home. a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow and stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid landlord who is incapable of filling out a form to enable a chattel to be installed in his house. i mean... beyond stupid. fill out form. government authorised person comes visit and says what can be done and at what cost. then i can apply for government funding to help with the cost. put a proposal to the landlord. landlord REFUSES to sign form to allow the person to come into the house and do a quote.

landlord should not be allowed to own property other than the property landlorad chooses to reside in.

i have explained: the law change will happen at x date and if i move out then you won't be allowed to rent to anybody else. i pay you more than 70 per cent of my income to live in your house every week. you will get nothing any week if i move out.

tooooooooooooooo stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid.

is it any wonder i spend my life wishing i'd never been born??

who put the f*ck*ng idiots in charge?

oh yeah... that's pretty mjuch their entire focus in life. making sure other people don't produce anything or get much in teh way of anyting done.

blowing out the frontal lobes.

f*ck*ng awful people.

see how they treat me when they think they can get away with it.

they don't want doctors. they don't get doctors.

they wan their access to people.




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