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Re: management

Posted by alexandra_k on March 4, 2020, at 15:00:08

In reply to Re: management, posted by sigismund on March 3, 2020, at 20:40:52

i don't know who either of those people are -- but the man with the gun threatening to shoot you in the leg seems like a biggest problem of all.

'that's not for me to decide' was what i always thought.

people here seem to want to be judge, jury, and exectutioner.

to apply for legal aid you supply the case you want legal aid for and to apply for legal aid you need a lawyer to say whether they think they will win the case.


so much for independence.

we don't have independence of anything.

i think that's why doctors (the legitimate amonst them) want to / feel they need to work for a large firm or whatever. billings. you need a competent billings department. you ideally want a large and competent billings department that plays a good job of being robin hood. so you can get on with delivering the best treatment you can for your patients trusting / genuinely believing that they are doing everything they can to fairly distribute the costs.

so... hitler gets the same treatment as everybody else.

because... who died and made you god? and... who would want to be god? and the cost of getting things wrong... people with conscience wouldn't be able to live with themself. so why not just stop playing god and do the f*ck*ng job already.

i remember being blackmailed when i was, like, 7 or something. i had this secret about throwin sandwiches away at lunch time and one girl found out. used it to make me play with her, make me play the games she wanted to play. so on. then she told another girl. then they would blackmail me in opposing ways. and so on.

that's perhaps unrealated...

to the situation where there are 2 people and 1 of them says 'choose which of us you like the most'. in that situation i always choose 'not you becuase i resent you putting me in that position'.

i guess i'm not naturally diplomatic. i don't naturally see what's going on behind the request (they are feeling undervalued - disliked').

but then there's a fine line between being forced, then, to be at their beck and call providing reassurance to them 24/7.


i'ts a lot... nicer? to not have much unstructured interaction with people.




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