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Re: I mean

Posted by alexandra_k on February 3, 2020, at 18:45:03

In reply to Re: I mean alexandra_k, posted by alexandra_k on February 3, 2020, at 18:38:43

I mean I do see that there are aspects of it that were good and interesting.

But I returned to NZ in... 2012.

And on my return...

People try and starve me...

People do not advertise job positions for work I am capable of doing.

People do not process my application for merit based scholarships that I am sure I shuld have gotten (if they processed the applications properly).

People do not process my essays properly (we have an Education Act that sets out what values are to be promoted in education and 'spouting back my powerpoint slides because I said' is not one of them).

People do not process my Degree completion properly.

People seem determined to 'teach me a lesson or two' in how I am required to be appropriately supplicant to them...

I am required to do what they say when they say because they say....

I am required to meet with them on demand...

I am required to write an appeal...

I am required to write an appeal...

I am required to write an appeal...

While they do none of the things they are paid to do when it comes to processing my stuff the way they are paid to process my stuff.

They simply refuse to do their job and go 'make us'.

How am I supposed to respond / react to this?

Flee. I suppose.

It isn't the 'brain drain'

It is a form of 'white flight'.

It is not fair that Maaori, particularly, are powerless to leave their own people.

Their own people brand them as illiterature and lacking social skills and they starve their brains of oxygen and so on and so forth...

Trying to make a little tribe of ego smoothers...

While producing nothing. While allowing others to produce nothing.

While constantly crying for money. Money. MOney. The problem is that we don't have enough money.

THe more money you give them the less money they give to their people.

They don't understand the reason they don't have money is becuase of the trade sanctions that are being opposed.

The WHO isn't going to keep throwing millions of dollars to the king of samoa for refusing to train competent health taskforce.




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