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I mean

Posted by alexandra_k on February 3, 2020, at 18:22:08

I mean... Don't get me wrong... It is nice to see some of our top paid people start to say things like:

'Equity is about a fair go for all New Zealanders'

Especially when Equity has always been conceived of (by us) as a way for elite Maaori to better screw over their own people.

But it is not nice, at all, that more than 1 year after I submit my thesis for examination... More than 1 year after the reports of the examiners say that it is accepted subject to substantive changes...

The University goes 'make us' when it comes to signing me off.

The Calendar Regulations give them 10 weeks only to sign me off.

I met eligability requirements for Medicine in time to be enroled to start in 2019.

And New Zealand thought it was acceptable to just refuse to sign me off, forge and distribute a falsified transcript saying that I failed, invoice me for additional enrolment that wasnt' justified, issue invoice to the Tertiary Education Commission for PhD examination when I never applied to study the PhD.


120 point MPhil. Examined by EXTERNAL examiners (who won't decide taht it's more fun for me to be their little bitch forever until they see appropriate supplication from me -- which they will only see displayed by others towards them when they have made themselves a psychopath who will only screw tehm over if they get the opportunity to do taht).

I don't want to play the game of the idiot psychopath, NZ. Just do your job.

Research output. That's a notch in teh belt of the University! If you start producing more of them (in a more timely fashion) then the externals can come to expect greater things from the University and their expectations on qualitly can go up.

In the meantime... Maybe your theses are so rubbish because they are so unpolished because you hire employees who lack the capacity to read them / respond to them / participate in the writing of them in a timely fashion.

All they know is taking 2x the normal time to re-write the entire thing for you. Never just doing their work in the normal f*ck*ng time. Reading it. Marking typos. Engaging with ideas (if possible). In a timely fashion.

Then we can all move on with the next project instead of shooting our faces off explainng the same thing for the millionth time to psychopaths who invested in stealing everyones stuff and going 'I know you are but what am I?' sort of a name-calling leadership 'style'.

Just sign me off in a timely fashion. As was your f*ck*ng job. You know. The job for which you are paid. The job that likely wasn't advertised at all. Maybe the job the government decided to give to you because all they knew was you were one of them and so money money money for you so you can do your thing of making things worse for all the Graduate Students of New Zealand by refusing to acknowledge their work output in a timely fashion in order to steal it for yourselves and the idiots who are meaningblind and nonproductive who have made their career in ensuring that NZ doesn't have anything to trade / bring to the table.

WOmen don't have their own bed to sleep in.
They don't have a lock on their bedroom door.
They don't have access to birth control.
They don't want to see their aging GP who believes it is culturally appropriate for their family or their culture to decide whether or not they have access to birth control.
They have their own living and breathing hot water bottle.
If it doesn't die from someone rolling on it in their sleep...
Doesn't die from being shufled onto it's stomach...
It might make its way on and up.
By clinging on for dear life in our cold and mouldy houses...

Then we'll overpack it in some classroom with no books.
But it would be culturally inappropriate to do reading or writing anyway.
Just learn to copy the work of others. Take it for your own.
Only group work is culturally appropriate.
Teachign you teh skills you need to take the things for your own.

The things we value.




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