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'make me'

Posted by alexandra_k on February 3, 2020, at 13:25:30

There is this really high level advanced form of reasoning much beloved by the highest paid executives of New Zealand and it goes like this:

'Make me'.

Their reasoning goes like this... Our elite people... The elite people of the world... For example, our Sports People. They can do whatever they like. They can break the laws (rape, domestic violence) with immunity. Because that is what it is to have really made it in life! You can do whatever you want whenever you want because you want! And more to the point... You do.

And the fact that you do.. The fact that you use your power for ill / bad / harm... Is the thing that we value the very most about you... Because it makes us feel better about ourselves. It makes us feel better about the terrible choices that we have made. It makes us feel better to feel that we are no worse than others. We like to see people behaving badly because it makes us feel better about ourselves.

ANd I think to myself...

The superstar sports athlete turns up to practice. And when it's time to practice goes:

'Make me'.

The superstar sports athlete turns up and it's gametime. And when it's game time the athlete goes:

'Make me'.

The reports of examiners came back to the University. Game time. The University has another thesis on it's shelves of theses. Another research output. That's the product of the Univesrity. Research output.

Noooooooo. You thought it was the mass production of slaves giving you an endless succession of money while you refuse to sign off on their Degree.

Everybody knows that athletics is about domestic violence and rape of women in bars around the world.

Yee Haw.

PS I only watched Season 1 of the Apprentice. The winner looks suspiciously like Harvey Spectre. By design, I suppose. Season 2 I only watched some. I was appalled by how incompetent they ALL seemed. I suppose it would be most interesting to know who won and then pay attention to what message is conveyed about what it takes to win along the way. How the people selected to win conduct themselves in the face of incompetent teams, I mean to say. How they conduct themselves when they are forced to working with people who are obstructive and incompetent and the like.

I just mean to see what is conveyed. To take what value from that one can.

I honestly don't know about Trump.

I think he does come across as incompetent, at times, but I think that there is often more going on than meets the eye.

I skim read this book about interviewing for residency in the US and it said something about how often FMGs don't understand the questions that locals ask. About skut work. About housing. FMGs someitmes don't know what it is that is particularly valuable about a program (I guess this may vary a bit and some programs may be interested to learn their value...)...

ANyway... My point is...

The thing that was posted about Trump doing deals with the leaders of Australia... In hindsight... Retrospecively... One might say... Not that they were set-up, exactly... But Trump might be interepreted as assessing just what lengths they were willing to go to with respect to selling out their own people. The health of their own people. And so on. Why??? Well... Because you can't just go after the leaders of various countries until you have a sufficiently developed case against their war crimes.

I have only been half following this impeachment stuff... Partly I wonder if it is a diversion to fill up time that couldbe better spent on other issues.

Partly... I wonder if it is a message to the world abotu how much more developed the US is (in many respects including arts and culture and science and technology and design etc)... Precisely BECAUSE nobody has unlimited power.

I would imagine... That being the leader... Makes you the MOST ACCOUNTABLE PERSON THAT THERE IS. You are expected to know the laws and regulations and to see what is right and good BETTER THAN ANYBODY ELSE. That's how come you get to be leader.

That was something I saw on the last epidode of season 1 of the apprentice. The guy who won... His team got to this point where they didn't know what to do about something. They asked him / they told him the problem. He saw what to do and told them. They did it. Problem solved.

That's the ideology. The idea. The ideal. The vision. The aspiration.

THey didn't have to pretend to be incompetent to stroke his ego.

They didn't have to stop doing things they were capable of to stroke his ego.

He didn't have to stop them doing their work to stroke his ego.

One of the women was very competent. She was pissy he asked her (according to her) the 'same f*ck*ng thing over and over and over'. But he wasn't asking her the same thing.... He was asking her about every freaking faucet of the thing she was supposed to do in order to check that she really did the thing that she was supposed to have done. To make sure there was no misunderstanding. I see that it helped / would help a lot for her to know that his asking was not because he thoguht she was incompetent (she was not) it was just because the stakes were very very very high for him (higher than for her).

The importance of reputation.

It wasn't just a job interview to work for Trump. It was an extended introduction. To any potential employer.

I think that the people from the show explained that to them.

Before that last episode. It was an opportunity for them to mitigate potential damage to their reputation that could have arisen along the way. There did seem to be an element of 'what is in it for us to help this person' in the last episode.

If they want employment perhaps they best display comptence.


Perhaps they better have hissy fits so they can be shipped off to New Zealand...




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