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Posted by alexandra_k on January 3, 2020, at 20:24:54

So they feel that they sold out because they didn't have any other option. They did what they needed to do for the money.

They work as academic philosophers because they did get signed off in something approximating a timely fashion. Probably because their supervisors felt it was more work for themselves in keeping those students around.

I suppose that is what I need to learn to be. A high maintenence student.

I don't want to be all 'sign me off sign me off sign me off' I want them to be all 'sign her off and get her out of my hair'.

Most people seem to just blink stupid-looking eyes and play sort of 'huh?' and 'just going along with the flow' and there is a certain tonality of 'awwwwwwwwwwwww' in a 'I want nothing more than to be soothing for / to you' kind of a way.

People are good at being... Disarming.

So whats his name starting out all his talks with a good 5 minutes of thanking my ex supervisor...

Kind of like when one tribal leader meets another and you Hui for 3 days on and on and on about how wonderful and esteemed and important the other guy is. You do that until they say 'enough!' Until they give you permission to go do something else. Until they give you permission to... Work. Get on with the talk or whatever.

Just like that.

Charm people into putting their guns away.


The capacity to do that appears to me to be one and the same as the capacity to say 'aw there there i'm going to make sure you never feel pain again' while basically murdering a person.

It seems to me.

The ability to display one face to another while something very different is going on.

That's why xxx was obsessed with psychopaths. He thought he didn't... Succeed more in Medicine in Australisia because he wasn't psychopathic enough. But he seemed to have the whole into speech nailed for philosophy.


So... These people who want to decide who gets to do what (and of course where all the super special things are saved up in reserve for their own kids). That's basically the truth of it. So their kids can run rampant.

I remember hearing some philosopher talk about how one has a duty to be nepotistic to ones own children.


Yeah. One has a duty to ruin things for us all because of hormones that make one biased towards our own children.


Especially the ones young enough and / or stupid enough to make us feel... Motivating and inspiring. Yeah. It isn't about educating. It is about feeling motivating and inspiring. Because I"m sure the most motivated and inspirational are chosen to look after the students. I'm sure.


Do the work. Hand in the work. Sign off on the work. The work is done.

Why is that so f*ck*ng impossible in this part of the world?

No work must be done.

Because people are profiteering off of keeping other people forced into substandard living conditions and endless meatings about what kinds of unhealthy sh*t they can force them to eat, next.





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