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Inability to process

Posted by alexandra_k on January 3, 2020, at 14:23:57

I suppose the best case I can make of it is that it is a computer system / data entry problem.

Despite being the top Computer and Mathematical Sciences program in the country the University of Waikato doesn't seem able to generate a true and accurate transcript for me.

My transcript previously was a dogs breakfast largely because instead of listing all the courses that were done in the year in which they were done along with the grade that was attained, and when regulations for the Degree were completed... They want to put 'IT' (internal transfer) under courses that were done under the heading of a Degree that was transferred out of. So, BA -> BSoc Sci -> BA enrolments mean that my courses are listed as 'IT from BA to BSoc Sci' and then 'IT from BSoc Sci to BA'. Only it doesn't say (IT to or from it just says IT). So my transcript is all messy with IT's and then my courses listed at the end as one big lump so it is hard to sort out when I was part time and when I was full time.

I don't f*ck*ng know why they can't simply list the courses that you do in the year in which you do them along with the grade that you got for them... And then... When you have actually fulfilled the regulations for whatever Degree Program then you can apply for the Degree to be conferred. At which point the transcript can record the point at which you met the requirements for whatever freaking Degree you met the requirements for. Why would that be so f*ck*ng hard?

The IT system has changed. It used to be listed from earliest to latest. Chronological order. Now it lists things from most recent to least recent. Which is more modern. Nice.

Only it lists things from most recent to least recent by year only. Not within a year. The way they have dealt with that is by removing the semester codes / recoding the courses. So it isn't clear what is summer school enrolment, what is first semester enrolment, what is second semester enrolment.

Summer school used to be at the start of the year. I did summer school which was the last course I needed to complete the regulations for BA. Then I did an honors year during the first and second semester to meet the regulations for BA (Hons). We consider Hons to be a completely separate Degree (so our students get 2 Degrees in 4 years because of, you know, Degree inflation and so on...).

But they want to list things chronologically recent to early by year and start of the year to end of the year during the year.

So now it looks like they conferred BA (hons) before they conferred the BA.


I have pointed out fixes. Again. Be consistent in most recent to least recent.

But it's tooooooooooooooooooooooo haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard. They would rather fail me so nobody will ever see my transcript from the University that doesn't seem capable of generating one.

They are pretending to be incapable of generating one.

I have pointed out they can write one out by f*ck*ng hand and sign it if that is what they need to do ffs.


Processing for Medicine...

They were a little more transparent on how things were (or were not being) processed this year.

Last year there were miscommunications. I do believe it was a genuine miscommuication that resulted in my not obtaining an interview.

Someone did contact me to say my application was incomplete and can I provide evidence of my masters enrolment. I replied that I had already supplied evidence of my masters degree having been conferred. The issue was that MA is one masters and MPhil is a different masters program. They needed evidence (unofficial even) that I was enroled in the MPhil for eligibility for interview. I didn't know / realise that, however.

They had this 7 December deadline where I was told I needed to supply evidence of completion of a qualification in the minimum, normal, or standard time, within the last 5 years. Waikato delayed sending a thesis out for examination so that the reports of examiners wouldn't come back until after the 7 December deadline.

The 7 December deadline was because that was the date of the Medical Admissions Committee Meeting. I think prior to the meeting candidates are rank order listed. Then in the meeting they decide... What? Arbitrary cut-off values for the 'must haves' to make sure as many of them are 'in' as possible? Who knows. Anyway... The point is that that was why the deadline was when it was.

I did point out that eligibility requirements are requirements on *enrolment* and so it is perhaps unfair to require students to meet enrolment requirements so far in advance of the program actually starting. For instance, international studnets are given conditional offers where they are required to meet visa requirements before the START a program. Not required to meet visa requirements however much in advance of SELECTION. This was unclear...

They pointed out that enrolments are required to be finalised.. I think it was 14 February.

I pointed out that Medicine is a quota entry program. I heard that students drop out even after the program has started and I am pretty damned sure that they then offer their places to other students in order to make sure they obtain maximum fees / meet the quota for any given year.

But any way... Point is that things were a bit unclear last year.

Since Waikato decided to hold up the examination process for longer than normal by refusing to accept that I submitted a thesis for examination 14 Septembe to allow the 3 months of examination that the Dean told me was normal or standard prior to my enroling in the program of study for that year.


At some point during that the Dean had a conversation with a Medical Admissions Processing person and basically asked her when they needed to know about completion for NEXT YEAR. In other words, Waikato decided that I could not complete the MPhil in 1 year (they decided that all the way back in April when they decided to refuse to enrol me in the Calendar Stipulated time-frame within 1 month).

Then they sent me an offer of enrolment January 11 and said I needed to reply to that within ONE MONTH or I would never get the qualification.

(Yeah, that's totally what the regulation means).

The Dean took 4 months to deliver an outcome of examination 11 January.

Teh only outcome of examination the Dean could deliver was that the thesis was acceted subject to substantive revisions to be completed within 10 weeks.

So 24 March. The University of Waikato could not delay accepting my thesis any later than 24 March.

Which is 1 month after Medicine classes started. Because the University of Waikato took 1 month longer than they were supposed to, to examine it.


I think it is likely that if the University of Waikato sent the thesis that I submitted for examination 14 September out for examination and completed the examination process according to their own regulations... That the Dean would have had to say 'on the basis of the reports of the examiners the University has no option but to accept a substantively updated thesis from you within 10 weeks' on December 7. So the completion requirement would have been met by Saturday 15 February.

Enrolments were apparently required to be finalised 14 February. On the Friday

ffs people. Are you f*ck*ng serious?


I suppose Waikato wants to be in the postition of 'we did everything we could to stop her'.

Yeah. They repeatedly violated their own regulatiosn in order to stop me.

Oh please, point out your favored candidates.

Which kids do you want to study Medicine?

You want them to treat you -- or your enemies?


Maybe this is some kind of lesson for me, in how to follow internal resolutions procedure before turning to external agencies...

I see it mostly as a lesson in how people simply refuse to follow their regulations.

They were like 'oooh we get to keep her for another year'.

So they put me in a cage. Wasted both of our time. Hurtled abuse at me.

They have all these new students wanting / seeking helpful and caring people... All these new students... And they prefer to spend their time abusing me.

And them too, no doubt. Neglecting them. Spending all this time figuring out how better to stabotage me.


I think of what people can accomplish in other parts of the world.

What a f*ck*ng waste of a life. Why did I have to be born, here. I did not ask to be born. Nobody would have voluntarily consented to be born into the conditions I was born into. I certainly would never.

Other people choose different.

I don't want to stop them living however teh f*ck they want to live insofar as they don't want to...

Collect each other as objects.


Why am I stuck in a country that seems determined to develop only backwards?




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