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Posted by alexandra_k on January 2, 2020, at 22:18:02

Am I really supposed to believe that people are incapable of putting together the reports of the examiners and the University Calendar Regulations?

Months and months and months and months later.

People just refuse to accept it:

'Give us money, give us money, give us more money, we need more money or we won't sign you off, give us more money'.

'Keep working! Oh, just keep working. Just a bit more work, just keep working just keep on working'.

Where is my Degree?

It was a 120 point Degree (1 calendar year = 1 academic year = 34 notional learning weeks including the examination period).

According to the Tertiary Education Commission (the people who set the maximum amounts that the Univesrity is allowed to charge students for their qualifications).

Only the people from the Tertiary Education Commission don't seem to have a problem with it.

I mean...

I think the University has decided they don't care about the money, at this point, just so long as they don't give me a Degree.

After I worked for them (honestly) for a year.

After they spent 1 year of really going out of their way to violate all the regulations they have. I mean... I am trying ot think of a single of their regulations that they did not violate.

Perhaps the problem is that they need more money.


That's always the problem in New Zealand.

'We cant' do that because there isn't enough money!'

But you earn like $500,000 per year (VC) and we don't even have any VC Scholarships.

ANd you have however many rental properties so your tenants can breed fungus in their TB holes.




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