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Posted by alexandra_k on January 2, 2020, at 14:41:08

I started working under supervision 5 March 2018.

I have email record of work done / supervision received from that date. The University simply denies it.

I submitted a thesis for examination 14 September 2018.

I have track and trace courier signature of 3 softbound copies submitted to the Graduate Research School on that date. The University simply denies it.

The University never sent the thesis I submitted for examination out for examination.

The Dean returned that thesis to me in January of 2019 -- which is only supposed to happen when examiners fail a thesis. Examiners did not fail that thesis, however, because the University refused to pass it on to examiners.

I paid them fees and they did not do their job on the most basic level.

All they needed to do was enrol me within a month of my applying, offer me supervisory comments, process my scholarship applications for (and only for) scholarships I actually applied to (and not for a bunch of other sh*t) and then send it to examiners, and base the outcome of examination on their reports.

They did not do ANY of the things they were required to do.


Wow. I paid the University, like, $5,000 in fees to do a 120 point MPhil qualification. That is 1 year of research. The Tertiary Education Commission says 1 year of work = 34 weeks (including the examination period). The University simply refuses to accept this and has it into it's head that students are required to work for at least 1 Calendar Year before submitting a thesis for examination. There is no regulation that requires students to work for at least 1 Calendar Year. 1 Calendar year of Academic work has been defined by the Tertiary Education Commission as 34 weeks (including the examination period).

The Tertiary Education Commission won't respond appropriately to my complaint.

The Office of the Ombudsman won't respond appropiratly to my complaint.

The Minister of Education.

The Prime Ministers watch-dog.

I am talking about a Public University simply refusing to do it's job.


So I work for a couple more weeks because my supervisor is having screaming fits of tantrums that her student dared submit her work on time. I guess she thought that every time she says 'I'm off on a holiday now, see ya!' I was supposed to stop work and wait until she returned to keep going.

I work for a couple more weeks.

At which point she seems to have come to terms with the fact that I am actually submitting a thesis for examination.

The newer one goes out to examiners -- couple weeks later than it usually would have. They did delay sending it out becuase they simply denied my first submission. They spent a week, apparently, looking for the regulation that a thesis couldn't go out for examination without the supervisors approval, and they couldn't find a regulation.

But they did not send out the thesis for examination until they had the supervisors approval.

In December the report of one of the examiners came back.

The Dean said 'I am breaking regulations for you in order to tell you now that I cannot tell you that your thesis has been accepted in fulfilment of regulations for the Degree' and I am giving you the report of the examiner.

I don't know what the Dean is talking about with respect to her violating regulations -- but I can read and there are 6 outcomes of examination and the only outcome consistent with that report was 'accepted subject to revisions to be completed within 10 weeks'.

Why is the Dean wasting both of our time telling me irrelevant sh*t?

The second report comes back and again the only outcome consistent with that report is 'accepted subject to revisions to be completed within 10 weeks'.

My supervisor contacts me all upset 'I'm so sorry you have failed!'.

Are these people retarded that they cannot parse the reports of the examiners?

I point out my supervisor doesn't get to decide. She's not an examiner.

I get a letter from the Graduate Research School from an administration person saying 'pay us additional fees for a period of re-enrolment or you will not get your qualification'. I point out that she doesn't get to decide, either.

I get a letter from the Dean (whose decision is final apparently) saying that I need to pay additional fees for an extended period of re-enrolment.

I point out that this decision is not based in the reports of the examiners. Calendar Regualtions state that if the examiners intend 're-enrol' and 're-submit' outcomes they are required to return the thesis to the candidate (and their examiners pack informed them they would be reimbursed for courier / air mail costs of returning a thesis).

They didn't return the thesis as they are required to do if they intend the outcome to be re-enrol and re-submit.

They didn't say 're-enrol' or 're-submit' in their reports.

The only outcome of examination based in teh reports is that I have up to 10 weeks to make changes that may be substantive.

Then the University is required to accept my thesis in fulfilment of Regualtions for the Degree.

It is now, like 1 year later and the University still hasn't accepted my thesis.

They refused to sign the forms accompanying the electronic copy (and refused to authorise campus copy hardbinding costs).

I was supposed to submit the hardbound thesis within 10 weeks -- but the Univesity is supposed to cover those costs. The University administration refused to authorise the hardbinding of the thesis.


I followed the University internal complaints resolution.

People seem incapable of parsing the reports of the examiners.

They seem to have it in their heads that there are 2 outcomes of examination 'pass' or 'fail' and because both examiners did not say in their reports 'pass' the thesis is failed.

I don't know (or care) where they get these ideas.

They are paid to follow their regulations.


I f*ck*ng hate this country.

Where is the justice for me?


So last year my application to Medicine is declined because I haven't completed my Degree. By delaying getting my thesis out to examiners the University delayed getting reports back from examiners until after the arbirtrary date when teh University required the reports to be back for selction to MEdicine.

But then the University miscalculated my GPA for selection for Medicine. According to their own algorithm on how GPAs are supposed to be calculated. THey thought they would simply miscalaculate mine .6 too low so they could tell me that even if I had have completed my thesis on time I wasn't academically strong enough for a place in Med.

So this year they are telling me that my applicatino to Medicine is declined because my Degree hasn't been conferred already. Teh University is still refusing to accept that I completed the requirements for the Degree and they have no grounds to refuse to have accepted in fulfilment of regulations for the Degee on eof the substantively updated theses that I presented to them for sign off within 10 weeks of the outcome of examination that was delivered by teh Dean January 11 of 2018.


Whenever I tell people (particularly students) about the above they jump on the 'you failed!' bandwagon.

I feel like following the internal complaints resolution process.. The NZ Zealand complaints resolution process (the Ombudsman) etc is just a way of the mob gaining momentum... Mobbing of... Me.

Because there is this whole thing of 'nobody completed graduate research Degrees in the minimum, normal, or standard time'.

That is because the Universities will violate every regulation in the book in order to not give you your Degree.

They are too busy giving Degrees to people who did not earn them (e.g., because their supervisor or because their department or because their independently paid editors etc etc etc wrote them for them).

That's why the time to completion is important. It shows that you did your own work -- because you could not have paid anybody else to do it that quickly for you.

But we don't actually want capable competent people.

We would rather not pay them.

We can just steal their stuff...

Until they stop producing...

Swampy swamp swamp swamp.

We don't want i-phones and internet and cars and sewerage systems. We don't want medications and television. We don't want the products of overseas arts and culture (the music and the television shows). We just want to live in our local community 'yes sir no sir anything you say sir' can't even organise a local garden...





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