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if I vanish....

Posted by alexandra_k on August 14, 2019, at 2:01:06

if i vanish you'll know what happened to me.
i'll have joined the countlessly many others who topped themselves because they didn't want to go on living, like this, like a slave or a prisoner in the rubbishy rubbishy rubbish of this sh*t heap of a country.

it isn't a threat

it isn't a promise

it's just a FYI. an FYI kind of a thing.

i keep thinking of the zulu tribes in south africa. bands of young men. going about... doing what they will. guns.

ours don't have guns.

they may have knives.

mostly it's just about going about in gangs.

there's a whole thing that happens. a meeting. my tribe meets your tribe. like when dogs meet. they stand up tall with their hackles up and their heads in the air. then they sniff each others *rs*s for a while to see what's up.

then there's some version of that that happens...


all day.

people end up spending all day going to talk to x about y and then asking 'what's the hold up?' then going to talk to z about b and asking' what's the hold up' and then going to the next guy..

what's teh hold up?
what's teh hold up?

why isnt' anything being produced?

what's teh hold up?

what's teh hold up?

there doesn't appear to be...

anybody home.




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