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Posted by alexandra_k on July 6, 2019, at 18:03:53

i have had enough of this country.

my rights have been repeatedly and persistently violated.

people have intentionally kept me in servitude. people have intentionally kept me in conditions whereby i was not given the resources to look after myself. the only reason this was the case was because they thought i would never voluntarily spend time with them if i was actually free.

and the fact that that is what they chose to do is precisely what makes that true. because they are slavers. they will violate the rights of another in order to further the interests of themselves.

would i do that?

have i done that?

i really don't think so...

perhaps it is my need that is different? my need to get away vs their need to violate?

the interests of the slaver doesn't count.

i don't really know what to do.

but things have gotten worse for me over time and no better. more and more and more of my rights are violated.

i am expected to live in boarding houses.

i am expected to live in sub-world health organisation conditions.

i am expected to take whatever scraps people throw my way and just accept it when people chose for their kids to be educated instead of me. even when their kids... well... nobody asks them what they want for themsleves. their slavers get to decide. always.

things have gotten worse and worse and worse and worse in this country.

i think it is because they thought our problem was that we were 'too small'. in the sense that we didn't have enough people to maintain an infrastructure of roads and things like that. that it was too hard to maintain police and things like that across such a sparcely populated country. so immigration...

but then a concern that maaori might be less than 20 per cent and that would be genocide. so then packing them tighter so more babies are made so more babies survive infancy with surfactant and so on... immunisations... culturally things went very backwards, indeed. people forced into warehouses without basic amenities.

and because i don't have a tribe people are all 'what are you going to do about it'?

i f*ck*ng hate this country
i f*ck*ng hate this country
i f*ck*ng hate this country fill of nasty slavers
i f*ck*ng hate this country all the smart people fled already and we have f*ck*ng intellectually handicapped slavers left in charge

people make stupid decision after stupid decision after stupid decision and laugh their way to the bank

while hoarding their money to get their very own kids out and overseas so they can follow if they can

because of the sh*t that they made




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