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don't know what's wrong

Posted by alexandra_k on May 18, 2018, at 19:25:29

There is an attitude that I didn't know some people had. About this whole hierarchy thing. At the very top you have God. Then you have the surgeons. Then you have the GP's as the head a tribe in a rural community. Then you have the allied health workers. Then you have - right at the bottom - the 'other'. Those who have things done to them for their own good whether they want those things to be done or not because they lack capacity and beggars can't be choosers...

And in virtue of how they choose to treat those on the 'bottom' there is this mad panic scramble to not end up there. And it is fear of that that is opressive.

But there is also this thing about how people will be happy with whatever they have -- just so long as they aren't aware that others have different.

So, for example, the monkey is happy with it's cucmber. Until it sees another monkey with a grape at which point it throws a monkey tantrum.

And then the empirical question is how long can you make the people go before they... Uh... Before they...

Kill themselves?

Remove the food from the supermarkets. Have 5 or 12 differnet 'options' of the same old sh*t (deep fried cardboard coated in sawdust with a little msg and chemical 'flavor') so people think they are free to choose.

If people complain about the price of fresh produce: Take the fresh produce away and they won't see what they are missing.

I heard health managers complaining about how people are happy with the public health system until they become aware of medication and treatment options that are available to people overseas as which point they are unhappy with our public health system. Teh solution hasn't been to see what we can do to improve our system. The solution has been to see what we can do to get the people happier with sh*t.

We are inundated with surveys all the time always. Hit the big red or green button to rate your interaction with the customer service person you just saw.

Who wouldn't believe that such things are tracked... Who wouldn't be afraid they would be labelled as a 'dissentor' or 'complainer' and find that they couldn't use their login for course contents or... Or...

This is the supposed free world?

And the people don't know what's wrong. They just know that they don't much feel like living.

That's the thing.

Maybe even the managers are suprised at just how low they trained people to go... Systematically...

The people had to leave. Because if we don't see people we can't be upset or throwing tantrums that we don't have the various things they have.

Meaningful conversation.
The ability to express an opinion and to hear the opinions of others respectfully.
All the things...

All the things...

Student residential halls are the prision camps... The concentration camps of today. This whole country is a f*ck*ng refugee camp on the edge of the free world.

at least..

since coming back there

that's all that i see.




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