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Have to believe

Posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2018, at 22:01:11

It still feels like the free world is receeding, from here.

Public spaces have all these signs up, nowdays, about how there are 'crime prevention cameras' operating in the area. The public areas are mostly deserted. People aren't in them, anymore. Not voluntarily.

The people have been too subjugated and oppressed... They have been allowed (actually encouraged) to drink their frontal lobes into oblivion and the rest of their brain into a stupor. They have been coaxed into believing that freedom is the freedom to drug yourself into a stupor.

I know there's no difference with the change in government, really. We don't have enough skilled (haha) people for the advisors and so on to be replaced. We don't have enough skilled (haha) politicians for the make-up of our parliament to change overly much from one election to the other.

Heads up: There's really nobody here.

The people left. Took up all of the money they could collect me-wards and split.

So other countries are closing their borders to us. Because it's the only hope of our growing into a developed nation. We've had an elite few begging for scraps... Begging for scraps... Begging for scraps... That they promise to distribute to the people... To flee with some perception of riches...

So people get spat back.

I have to believe that the state of public health... The state of the charity organisations... The state of it... Is that psychopaths got shut out. There's just too many of them for the prisons and people have better things to be doing with their time than micromanaging them. So... Vulnerable people are targets, yeah. We're just swamped, here...

I have to believe that they're the ones that got spat back.

Largely because they don't have a moral sense. They're mercenaries, really, nothing more than hired guns. Their willingness to do that, to be that, means they won't get shown much of anything and they'll always and forever be locked out and away from civilised society...

And I do believe that (at some level) there is a small group of people who have some appreciation for that it is that they have. And they are working to develop that further still and to distribute that more widely to the masses...

But the biggest problem, really, is these mercenaries always looking to profit at others expense. I think it is about something empathy that is lacking. Bullies. It really is people who try and assess what others need for the joy of witholding it. For the joy of getting people to settle for less than a honest / fair interaction. For the joy of opressing other people. And it is sad that they don't get the help they need. It is sad that they aren't prevented from harming others. But we don't have the resources / infrastrucure / resiliance to let them in, right now.

And it's hard because they do see... That some people have something that they don't have. And they want it... To control it. Some element of some freedom of human spirit. Love for what is different. And they just don't have it. And something destructive. Karen Horney saw it. I think it was her. Some death killing instinct.

Anyway... Just stay away from the awful as best one can...

Things have taken a bit of a turn. I suspect it is foreign sanction. People starting to see that they won't be accepted into civilisation overseas if they try and buy their way in from profitteering off of the de-development of New Zealand society.

Thank you free world for seeing that there are persons here.

Empathetic, intelligent, honest, caring persons here. Persons here who are oppressed precisely because they are not for sale. Because they are not adaptive or adaptable to becoming mercenaries. People who have the foresight to see a lot of what is going on.

People who don't have speaking rights amongst their own people.

People who are flunked out of supposed 'universities' with supposed 'world ranking status' who refuse to blind grade students work, who pay illiterate honours students (often full fee paying internationals) to do an approximation of 'post-modernist essay grader' grading on student essays...

It is despicable and it needs to stop.

The different batches of immunisations (delivery mechanisms) for different people... The free screenings (DNA collectings) the free surgeries (tissue sample biopsys) for the privaledge of being 'control group' for the rest of the world...

People here allowed it. People here didnt' stand up and say 'our people will never allow it!' If our people in charge of us don't care for our welfare how is the rest of the world going to treat our people with respect?

Grow up New Zealanders. It's not a f*ck*ng hierarchy. Let me guess: You lose and you want to take everything down with you?

God, it's horrible here.

No free clincics because apparently people have cheap or free GP's already. Only they are there to give people their shots (f*ck knows what's in it) and take DNA from the people. They aren't providing consultations or information or informed consent... People here pretend to not know what medicine is.

Only... Our Prime Minister is having a baby that she conceived before the election but the people did not know. But she had a One Health One electronic record being broadcast to anyone with a f*ck*ng satellite - right? Just like the rest of us?

That's why there's a glimmer of hope...

In the avatar of a Prime Minister we have.

The computer-composite ideal that the machinery endorses now.

I need to watch that episode, again, of when Lisa lost faith in democracy after witnessing corruption at the local body level.

It's not that it is good, at all, it's just that in the face of the alternative, it's the best we've got.

This country keeps on threatening to turn it's back on the free world entirely and do it's very f*ck*ng best to poison lots of little babies in China (and hence here, too, right, because if we would do it to others we've f*ck*ng signed away our right to expect any differently to be done to us).


Awful awful mercenary people.





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