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Re: homeless man shoots work and income worker

Posted by alexandra_k on September 5, 2014, at 16:03:21

In reply to baby gammy, posted by alexandra_k on August 28, 2014, at 15:38:42

uh oh. the policitians (election year for us) are going on about how violence to government workers is intolerable. this is really bad timing for me with my court case and all :-/


i don't know the details of his case... but i know that he couldn't get a state house because there weren't any. and i also know that work and income won't help you if you don't have a house. they won't help you if you don't have an address and of course if you don't have a house you don't have an address.

see... that one is like trying to see a doctor. 'you can't see a doctor becuase you've been discharged'. 'you can't have a food grant because you don't have a house'. 'you can't have money for anything because you don't have to pay rent because you don't have a house'.

apparently his situation was known to the community. he had been living in the park and he got evicted / asked to move along from there that morning. and *STILL* people act all shocked that he f*ck*ng lost it and did something irrevokable. walked into a winz office and (apprarently without saying a word) shot the first two people and missed the third person he could see. people are.. dumb. dumb. as. dirt. either that or willfully f*ck*ng stupid. i think... it is better to believe the former. makes violence against them less likely.

anyway... lots of drive by (actually mostly bike-by) threats have started up against work and income workers... you know... mentally unwell people biking by and yelling out 'you'll be next' and shaking their fists in their direction... they have upped security... does that mean less people on unemployment and more being hired as security?? of course not! ahahahaha.

oh dear.

the world is a pretty crap place, sometimes.




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