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Why not feel what you feel?

Posted by llrrrpp on September 13, 2006, at 7:47:36 [reposted on September 13, 2006, at 9:50:45 | original URL]

In reply to Re: Today is not the day for this, posted by laima on September 12, 2006, at 22:15:33

I think Jay is entitled to feel however he wants to feel on this day, just as he may feel however he wants to feel on any other day during the year.

Especially since it is his thread, and he seems to have warned us all adequately. I think that this thread is a way of exposing an issue that is troubling. Just because it's troubling doesn't mean that Jay is an inconsiderate post-er for mentioning it. And there is not better day to be troubled by it than on such a day.

We all mark important days in our head and have our own unique perspectives.

Sometimes it's really hard to express what we're *really* feeling, because there is so much expectation and pressure to be feeling something more benign/pro-social/etc.

There is an interesting movie from Denmark called "Festen" or "The Celebration".

Basically an entire family gets together under the auspices of celebrating the life and achievements of one of the senior heads of the family. All is well, with toasts and cheer until a voice speaks up that questions whether anyone really *knows* this senior family member.

Cracks appear in the family harmony. Big gaping cracks. But the truth was always known. There were always big gapig cracks. It's just that people were in denial, covering them up. Pretending they didn't exist. Maybe the family healed when the cracks were revealed and they all realized that their "secret bad thoughts" were shared. That they weren't alone.

Jay, you are pointing out a crack. Even as we mourn the lives lost, the families traumatized, and the symbolic meaning of 9/11, we may realize that we are no further, no better, no more safe. That there are still abundant "cracks" in our system of "safety and security".

For you to point out that we may not be safer, or we may not *feel* safer, well, this is perfectly appropriate, in my opinion. It's a scary date. I'm glad you were brave enough to post your alternate take on the 9/11 anniversary.


sedit qui timuit ne non succederet - he who feared he would not succeed, stood still.




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