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Re: Not specific to any war but **Trigger**

Posted by deirdrehbrt on March 30, 2006, at 10:54:58

In reply to Re: Not specific to any war but, posted by special_k on March 29, 2006, at 21:09:40

I don't think alot of people have an idea of how brutally terrible war can be.

On my headboard are my godfather's dog tags. He was in the Korean "conflict". He managed to survive one day by hiding beneath the bodies of his dead friends after the North Korean Army had devastated his group.

He used to enjoy hunting, but never after the war. He had a job afterward repairing underwater pipelines and one job took him back to Korea. He couldn't get off the plane.

War is not meant to be fought by human beings. I heard stories of Viet Nam when I first joined the Air Force. That was in 1979, and there were quite a few people who had been there around. One of these people was a medic that worked at my station. His description of injuries that people received were horrendous.

Granted, the people in Iraq now have it better than these two wars. The number of dead and injured is much less than in other wars or conflicts. Still, it's not easy. Many people there are reporting for treatment of mental disorders. It must be especially tough for those there who don't support the war; those who played the odds of receiving an education in the National Guard or regulars without having to fight.

I come from a military family. My Dad was in the Navy, I have one uncle who was a Green Beret. My Godfather was in the army, as were both of my grandfathers. Another uncle was a Marine. One of my cousins was also in the Army. Many of my family expect people to support this war. I can't because I don't believe that the American public has sufficient information to believe that we are there for just cause. Personally, I do not believe that information exists and I don't know if the entire truth will ever be revealed.

Here's what I do know: The United States has the raw materials to make chemical and biological weapons. The United States has active Nuclear weapons. The United States appears to be holding prisoners and treating them in a manner contrary to the Geneva Convention. It appears that the United States invaded a sovereign country without the authority of the United Nations.

My personal opinion is that all nations should be held to the same standards. How to achieve that, I don't know, but to say "You can have WMD, or nuclear power, or whatever, but You over there, can't" just seems wrong.

I"m rambling again... time to shut up.





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