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Re: Gabbi - READ THIS FIRST alexandra_k

Posted by Gabbix2 on December 3, 2005, at 19:08:12

In reply to Re: Gabbi - READ THIS FIRST Gabbix2, posted by alexandra_k on December 3, 2005, at 18:37:11

> > Nope I wasn't talking about you there were things you've said that applied though.
> Like what things I've said?

I think they've already been discussed at length.
and I suppose it's not fair, I don't want to go through the whole thread again and point them out because it will re start discussion, which I'm just not into.
One from a while back was was the joke you quoted though

"The question on every Americans mind"

> > I was commenting on what I see as a prevailing hypocritical attitude toward the American people.
> hypocritical?

Not you Alex, they were seperate statements I don't mean just on Babble either. And people who are American have expressed hurt about them.
There's not really a question there.

> > People who pride themselves on being "politically correct" seem to often make exceptions when it comes to Americans.
> ?

They do, I have examples, but they are from my personal experience.. life. I don't want to recite them all.
> > Generalizations about people aren't just wrong because they hurt people who are already down, they are wrong because they are innacurate and depersonalizing.
> not all generalisations are bad...

No, not all of anything is bad. .

> we wouldn't be able to learn anything new (that wasn't particular) without making generalisations...
> i figure the sun will probably rise tomorrow
> because it has done so in the past...

I said generalizations about people..
and in my previous post I specified, people who haven't defined themselves by title or belief

> but when they are 'judgemental' or

I personally don't care for a lot of them, even if they aren't negative judgements.
My problem with generalizations is that they are seldom accurate, they can't be when discussing individuals, the two are contradictory.
Of course when they are complimentary, or positive they are more acceptable, because they aren't intended to hurt, but I don't think that makes them any more accurate. I understand that they have to be used at times, it's impossible to point out every exception to every statement one makes.

But I also really dislike ongoing discussions/arguments about politics/definitions/etc. .. I said how I felt, I stand by it, and it was not directed at you.
So I'm going to cut out now..




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