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Dopamine = irritablity + anxeity

Posted by Babak on October 4, 2011, at 13:16:05

I started on Trivastal about three weeks ago. At the same time I started cutting down on my Paroxetine (Paxil) because I have a big problem with anhedonia.

After increasing the dose to 100mg I started noticing that my anhedonia was starting to change very subtly. I noticed that I could make myself do more and got bored less easily. But at the same time I started feeling irritable; shouting at the TV, feeling road rage and that sorts of things.

Not wanting to go back to Paxil I tried to deal with it but it gradually increased and started to manifest itself as anxiety as well.

Then I remembered that Tyrosine too had the same effect on me and I have started to think that in my system at least increased dopamine lends itself to irritability, anger and anxiety.

Does any one have an opinion about this or even a solution.

I am having to go back to Paxil because my Pdoc (UK NHS) doesn't give me an appointment and certainly doesn't approve of me taking Trivastal which at least as yet is not prescribed as an antidepressant in this god damn county.

I am unemployed and have spent all my savings over the past seven years on trying out medication on the web but I am very reluctant to spend more for one reason one can not always trust the stuff being sold on the web.

The only other thing I can get hold of here is Methadone which I have grown to detest mainly because it confuses things and it is near impossible to come off if one has a predisposition for depression as well.

Please help. My anxiety and irritability are becoming psychotic and I have lost control but I don't want to go back to the semi-vegetable state I was in before where I couldn't be bothered to do the simplest of tasks.





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