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Akathisia cause by terrible drug called Geodon?

Posted by michael marozik on January 13, 2013, at 2:46:03

Hi I'm in a crisis
and my doctor can't think of anything to combat drug-induced akathisia, and I can't sleep w/o Geodon,
it is viscous cycle at is fueled by me giving up every night from the exhaustion of the akathisia and taking the Geodon again.

So Geodon's half life is about -7- hours but if your sleeping it slows down to about-8-14-.

80mg is completely used up for a 190lb young male adult in no more than 12 hours.
I know the Adderall i take is directly blocked by Geodon, so Adderall has no power and literally can't work if Geodon was active in my blood.
I started Geodon in late February 2011, last year every night I took only 80mg then halfway throughout the year I took all of 160mg at night.

A=-I take -Adderall- throughout the day to reach 80mg. Doesn't help the akathisia physically, it just helps me focus on other tasks enough to complete them while I'm shaking.

B=-Geodon- 80mg at night, I was still taking 160mg a week ago-10 days ago. It is probably the culprit being that it's an anti-psychotic that completely kicks dextro-amphetamines *ss to being no more than a placebo.

C=-Klonopin- 0.5mg twice a day. Only in mega doses of 20mg plus+ does it attempt to interrupt the course of akathisia

D=-Inderal- (beta blocker) medication that I sometimes use so I won't abuse Klonopin.
It doesn't help akathisia even at high doses of 720mg which I am able accept as a normal dose because I have a damned tolerance with it.

E=-Seroquel- 200mg-800mg, it is the medication I received yesterday which at 800mg wouldn't do a damn thing, wouldn't even countact adderalls last 2 hours of half-life.

---------MY QUESTIONS Are the following-----
PS: I'm sorry for typing out a "book"
I kinda needed to explain it all for own sake cause I'm in venting moshup right now because I have been thinking about having a brain disease that warrants itself more than a Geodon symptom,
likely it is not anything more than temporary side effect

Thanks for your response

1. My first quesiton is how long would it take a an average male in his early 20's that is physically and internally healthy, in the terms of how long it would it take to get Geodon completely out of my system? ROUGHLY??

2. What drugs have helped treat akathisia in the past that aren't limited to benzo's or beta blocker's???
Maybe there is a drug that was used once for RLS or Parkintons that could be prescribed off label for either akathisia, or ampethamine withdrawals, if I decide to stop the adderall???

All i know is that Parkinson's and RLS have several treatment options (some work almost totally opposite of the anti-psychotic's, through chemistry as a dopamine agonists), yet legally my doctor can't prescribe cause none are approved for akathisia .
All 3 "diseases" seem intertwined with similar neurological symptoms.

that's is everything i know about akathisia..




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