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Please sign this official White House petition

Posted by LostBoyinNC43 on December 23, 2012, at 22:44:24

I created an official White House petition. The petition requests a Presidential Executive Order that would formally re-classify the most biological of the mental illnesses...schizophrenia. Specifically, the petition requests an Executive Order be issued to formally re-classify schizophrenia as a Neurological illness of the brain. This is in line with what the Freud thought about schizophrenia, that it was primarily brain based, hence more Neurological than psychiatric or psychological. My thinking is that formal re-classification would eventually lead to more money for more research, that would lead to better anti-psychotic medications with better side effect profiles. And also lead to less stigma.

My thinking is that with the recent horrific events of the Sandy Hook mass shooting, there is now focused attention on chronic mental illness in the media. And politicians are listening and looking for potential solutions. IMO, re-categorizing schizophrenia could be a very good and very positive thing for those afflicted with this awful illness of the brain.

This petition needs 150 signatures to be published openly on the White House website. Once it hits 150, it will be open for all to see. I am ASKING YOU, BEGGING YOU, please sign this petition. Then email the petition to anyone you think that would agree with it and sign it. Then twitter it, post it on your facebook page. Do anything you can do to "force multiply" the signatures, to at least get it to 150 signatures as fast as possible.

You want relief from your problems? Better scientific understanding of severe mental illness is the answer. Only with that can we get newer and better medications and diagnosis methods. And less stigma and more respect.

sign it now and please do not delete this post!

Eric AKA "LostBoyinNC"




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