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Dopamine Fixes for Effexor

Posted by never2late on January 2, 2012, at 0:25:23

Just started effexor up to 75 mg. Been Diagnosed MDD,SAD,GAD, ADD.

Taking Effexor, Adderall IR 10 mg 2x, Klonopin .5 mg, Ambien to at night.

After getting past the sleepiness side effects the frist week I am not finding that I feel more emotionally blunted than before. I am also mentally and physically lethargic. I have no interest in sex even tho the equiptment works (barely). The positives is that I am now getting to sleep at night and having less anxiety than I did before.

What reamins is the lack of emotion, feeling happy about anything, and an increase in ADD symtoms even tho I am taking adderall.

I have read that SSRI/SNRI raise seretonin thereby reducing dopamine. The only thing that is getting me through the day is coffee and my adderall. But ithat gets me low level functioning. I have trouble counting (simple math), have been experiencing balance and coordination, slight shakiness in my hands at times.
I usually have a blank expression on my face and people are constantly telling me to smille more.

Cigarettes, which I used to help me focus and relax myself when i felt overwhelmed do not work anymore. I have to smoke 3x more cigarettes in order to get the same effect.

Is the shot of seratonin fromt the effexor messing with my dopamine? Are the things I am describing due to a dopamine deficiiency? What options can I discuss with my Pdoc about fixing this?




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