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Re: Vitamin D, Smoking and Dopamine...

Posted by moomin68 on June 1, 2011, at 19:30:45

In reply to Re: Vitamin D, Smoking and Dopamine... moomin68, posted by helpmegod on June 1, 2011, at 18:53:39

> I have a history of major depression,OCD and anxiety for atleast 10 years and was treated with anti-depressants before and they worked to some extent.Later I quit and my disease returned within 3 months and since them I tried numeruous medications and they didnt work.Currently I am not taking any anti-depressants but I am in major depression.My psychiatrist recently ordered vitamin D test and it came out as 24 (according to him its low).I was asked to take vitamin d3 supplement of 2000 iu.I have been taking for atleast 4 days...any one know of when can I expect some improvement???I dont mind even if its 5 %...this is my last hope...some one please guide me...

I had a similar history to you, depression and anxiety for 15 years. Antidepressants did not help, and the side effects were awful.

A vitamin D test 18 months ago showed a level of 23, close to yours.

I started taking 2000iu per day. I then did a lot of research (Google the "Vitamin D Council") and discovered you can take much more than 2000 per day.

The key is to have regular blood tests done. I take 6000iu per day, and this puts my Vitamin D level within the "normal" range. Everyone is different -- for some people this would be too much -- for others, not enough

As soon as I started taking 5000iu per day 15 years of symptoms disappeared OVERNIGHT. These days I have no depression, no anxiety, I sleep great... I don't even get colds any more. Seriously, not one single cold in 18 months. I used to get 6 a year, and sinus infections too.

It has been a radical life change. If I forget the Vitamin D everything comes crashing back really quickly. I wish I'd had the test years ago, I feel like I lost years of my life... but on the positive side I have gained years.

Another thing that makes a big difference for me, is the brand I take. I don't know if I can post brands here or not. I found one particular brand and formulation to be way more effective than others. It's not the cheapest, but it works wonders for me. If you want to email me at doctorbob[at]other-ideas[dot]com I will give you more info. Hope I didn't do something wrong putting my email address in here. Just trying to help.

Hope some of this info helps. When I try to tell people about how radically Vitamin D has changed my life, they always look skeptical, so I kinda keep quiet about it these days!




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