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Re: Please explain agomelatine action on 5HT?

Posted by desolationrower on March 25, 2011, at 6:29:46

In reply to Please explain agomelatine action on 5HT?, posted by Franz on March 4, 2011, at 10:21:36

> Hello, Doc suggested switching from escitalopram 10 mg to agomelatine.
> It is very expensive so I have to evaluate it.

agomelatine seems to be bit faster working than some other drugs. the best way to know is spend a week or three with it.

> As I understand it enhances melatonin "reception" or sensitivity. When I used melatonin to sleep I had nightmares. Will this happen with agomelatine?

maybe, maybe not. the 5ht2c antagonism should decrease time spent in REM so there should be less 'dreaming' than with pure melatonin.

> The supposed (I read articles negating this) 5-HT2C receptor antagonism affects serotonin?. How does this compare to escitalopram. Can this also have an anti obsessive effect?

serotonin=5ht. ssris are blunt, whereas blocking a certain receptor is a more specific effect. this can be good or bad; it can avoid side effects, or not do the useful thing you need. I think there is some evidence on 5ht2c in OCD though most looks at 5ht2a.

> Is the structure of agomelatine similar to tianeptine?

probably just to the extent that is needed to be sorta kind like 5ht and so effect various things 5ht intereacts with.

> Thanks and sorry for all the quesations.


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