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drugs to combine with MAOI's

Posted by medtrier on December 9, 2010, at 7:56:48


I am currently on generic Parnate, 90 mg./day. Although it helps, it doesn't do enough for my multiple health symptoms, which would be best classified as "atypical depression."

My doctor doesn't want to go above 90, esp. since the appvoved max. is 60.

I am looking for drugs that can be added to Parnate. I know it's tricky, since parnate is an MAOI, and MAOI's tend to be contraindicated with most other drugs, even Remeron. But remeron doesn't seem like it would interact badly.

So far I have tried abilify, which basically made things somewhat worse for me.

I have also been on risperidone (risperdal), and reacted badly to it. This was back when i was on lexapro.

I suppose i could try zeprexa or seroquel, but i have little desire to try antispsychotics since i am 0 for 2 on them so far, and out of the 14 drugs i have tried, they are the only ones that make me feel worse.

I was thinking about guanfacine, which is now marketed for ADHD under the new name "intuniv". It's a alpha andrenergic blocker like remeron, but doesn't mess with serotonin at all. I tried one week at 1 mg., and a week at 2 mg. of intuniv, with no luck. But that's a really low dose.

Beta blockers may be a choice as well, as anxiety is one of the problems, but not the usual type of anxiety.

I have heard on this message board that some people's doctors have mixed MAOI's with SSRI's without anything bad happening, but I doubt my doctor would go along with that.

Also, if anyone knows of psychiatrists they can recommend in the Philly-Wilmington-Lancaster-Baltimore area, that would be much appreciated.





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