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Re: ENSAM Advice? Drug restrictions? Side Effects?

Posted by Conundrum on November 21, 2010, at 12:20:41

In reply to ENSAM Advice? Drug restrictions? Side Effects?, posted by maggiemae on November 17, 2010, at 10:10:22

You might want to post this in the main medication board of psychobabble. The neurotransmitter section doesn't get much traffic.
> I need advice - my pdoc suggested the ENSAM patch, as I didn't like Effexor *foggy, tired,headaches, minimal pain relief and a nightmare withdrawal i never want to experience again), couldn't get past 3 days on Cymbalta, and Zoloft never helped my chronic pain and made me somewhat more agitated/insominac as the dose was escalated.
> But I have a few severe food allergies that have required ER intervention. The med interactions kind of make me wonder if it would be too dangerous for me not to be able to use an Epipen if I should accidently injest one of my allergens.
> I also wonder what the side effects are like, compared to Effexor. I have read articles and reviewed posts, but I still don't have a good sense of the side effects. Insomnia keeps showing up, and that is one of my major problems now, so it concerns me.
> I also wonder what the withdrawal symptoms are. I figure, if they are not bad I could give it a shot and if it doesn't work move on. But if the withdrawal is anything close to my Effexor nightmare, I am not sure it would be worth trying.
> My main issues are chronic pain (fibromyalgia, headaches, migraines), wonky mood (random bouts of apathy/anhedonia/no energy), general anxiety (not social, but more internal unspecified anxiety and looping thoughts).
> Can anyone with experience on the patch help me out?

Complaints: post-SSRI problems: anhedonia, memory and concentration problems, sexual dysfunction. )
Currently taking mirtazapine, tianeptine, and SAM-e




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