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Re: nortriptyline low dose and tachychardia

Posted by maggiemae on November 9, 2010, at 21:36:16

In reply to Re: nortriptyline low dose and tachychardia, posted by Conundrum on November 9, 2010, at 20:58:04

> When you say you are taking the two together, do you mean nort + a beta blocker or nort and at another time amitriptyline?
> Can you take nort at night?
I can not take the nort at night - it is paradoxically stimulating for me. so, i am taking it with extended release propranolol la in the morning.

i have been reading about the genetic differences that cause people to metabolize drugs (like tcas and others) differently. not sure it if is why i cannot tolerate more than 10mg of nortriptryline or why i have the stimulating effect from it, but it is pretty interesting.

recently i have developed some sort of weird insomnia and anxious depression - i can't enjoy things anymore - my joy is gone. it is worse in the mornings and i get a bit of relief sometimes in the evenings.

i wake up repeatedly at night and then at 4 am i am awake in a weird limbo agitated state of unspecified anxiety/depression. i am too tired and unmotivated to get up (what would i do anyway? I can't read or watch tv when i feel like this). i don't really even feel sad - just empty and incapable of doing anything that requires any concentration or energy.

it has been quite insidious and crazy making. i feel so out of control of it - it feels like i have have lost all the brain chemicals that control joy and motivation.

i go to pdoc again later this week. i really hope he will have a plan that will work for me.




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