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Re: Arthritis Diet, Anyone tried that one?

Posted by bleauberry on February 8, 2010, at 18:19:05 [reposted on February 9, 2010, at 15:00:35 | original URL]

In reply to Arthritis Diet, Anyone tried that one?, posted by DANAUSA on February 7, 2010, at 17:20:34

It is a very challenging thing to change one's food choices with health as a priority over pleasure. But yes, it does pay off. No matter what the illness is...arthritis, depression, Lyme, candida, FM, MS, choices that fit the model you described are, in my experience observing others, worth about 2 to 3 points on a 1-10 sickness scale. For some the improvements are more like in the 5-8 point improvement, but for sure a few points almost guaranteed.

It is, no doubt, hard to change one's habits. It took me 3 months to get accustomed to being gluten free, becoming an expert on the best brands and choices, and discovering common grocery foods that are gluten free. And a few more months to wean myself down to very low levels of dairy and sugars. Definitely not a cure for me, but worth a few points on the scale, points I couldn't find anywhere else not even a med.

It is strange, but after a few months, one actually finds they prefer their new lifestyle of foods to their old one. Given the choice of their old foods or the new ones, they are surprised to find that their taste buds have changed.

For me, that is organic romaine leafs wrapped around organic beef slices. The same way I used to be addicted to donuts and beer, I am instead now addicted to these rollups. I actually get cravings for them and nothing else will do.

When someone really dedicates themselves to getting better, this is the foundation that impacts how well or how poorly all other efforts work. Who would ever figure it was as basic as what we put in our mouths? I'm glad you have encountered significant results. I have too, but not as dramatic as yours.

Often I observe the mistakes of putting all of the responsibility, effort, and expectations on the doctor and the pill. Sad, considering there are things we ourselves can do but don't. I am as guilty as anyone for inventing every excuse under the sun. Eating for wellness rather than pleasure always guarantees a win, I feel, but feels like such a foreign game at the opening bell.




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