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What I Learned Today Amazing!!!!!!!!

Posted by Phillipa on January 7, 2010, at 0:32:34

Today I saw the ob-gyn who also gives me the bioidenticals which btw are approved by the FDA. Anyway brought the letter and paperwork from the other doc that refused to treat my osteoporosis as I didn't make a decision in two days on whether I would do the reclast Iv before the first. Anyway when the ob-gyn read the letter he said You know I don't and won't talk about docs other docs that is but I am friends and worked with one of the other docs in that practice when they started the practice they broke ties with the hospitals here and then opened the big osteoporosis and arthritis center. He and this other doc worked together for years. Said that this practice now trials new drugs. He wondered if now they had an infusion room I told him they did. He was quite shocked when saw the letter. Then we had a talk husband too about the biophosphinates my husband started it. Come to find out they may soon be off the market and join vioxx. As I'd found out in my research the way these meds orals also actonel, fosamax, boniva, reclast work is the osteoclasts the ones that remove old bone from the bones just stay in the bones and build up so when in two years you have a follow up if you aren't forced off them with ulcer and now they say esophageal cancer the bone appears denser as the old bone is still there as the osteoclasts accumulate hence after a few years you must stop taking them. But the meds are in your system for at least l0 years if not life. The osteoblasts the guys that build the healthy new bone never get a chance to get in the bones. Also if you are ever 19 due to genetics or other hereditary factors, poor diet you might even then have osteoporosis. Well then we talked about how he gave a talk to some huge senior development in SC at the request of one of his patients for both men and women on hormones. One lady waited and came up to the ob-gyn doc afterward and said you know I was in NY and just like that my femur broke and the surgeons had to place rods in the legs as no place to put a plate as the bone was too fragile all from biophosphinates per the surgeon there. She asked him what about her other femur in her leg and he said soon that would also fracture as this is what happens on these meds. He the surgeon told this lady she was number 128 of people he'd operated on due to fractures from the biophosphinates. He diligently reported all this to the FDA was thanked and that was it. So the claims are ignored by the FDA. So the bright part of my day was all the seaches I'd done brought me right back to hormones and the bone building properties of them both estrogen and testosterone. Since have intact uterus also have progesterone to conteract the bad properties of estrogen alone. Moral of the story is research please any meds you take before you take them. This is a true story. And if your're on climara, vivelle dot, progesterone cream or pellets of testosterone or troches they are all approved by the FDA but like my creams considered bioidentical as not like prempro or premarin which is horse pee and contains hormones humans don't have. People please do your research. The Side effect are devastating for so many. People who had no pain in bone and muscle develop it sometimes after beginning biophosphinates and the GI stuff. Phillipa meant to inform that's all.




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