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Re: Oh man Dinah

Posted by MidnightBlue on June 23, 2006, at 11:21:29

In reply to Oh man MidnightBlue, posted by Dinah on June 23, 2006, at 9:44:15


That is still less than me! Lay off the pickles and drink more water. Some of that really might be bloat.

> 206 1/2
> I knew it was probably up because of the camisoles, but that seems unrealistic. It's true I've been eating too much salty food, but most of those except chips are low calorie. I'll take it again over the weekend or Monday. I was feeling sick last night - possibly from dehydration, and maybe there's some reason it was high.

> What sort of meds did they prescribe? For the hot flashes?

Well, the first rx he wrote was for Activella. Which I quickly reminded him I could NOT take because I have bad GERD, am prone to migraine headaches, and get VERY depressed on progesterone. I also reminded him I am VERY sensitive to estrogen.

So he wrote a script for Vivelle Dot .1 which is WAY too strong! A couple of years ago I was on .5 Esclim patch. With progesterone for 10 days every three months. He pulled me off that two years ago when the latest research came out. Now he thinks I need estrogen! Well, duh!

Oh yeah, and I asked for a vaginal estrogen cream and he prescribed Vagifem which is WAY more expensive! So I won't be filling that. Which means I really have nothing now.

> Do you have a psychiatrist who prescribes your meds for depression? Or is it a GP. Hormone changes are rough. You might need a tweak on your medications.

No pdoc right now. Several years ago I went to one in this city but really didn't like him. My internist has been prescribing. I was doing VERY well on two grams of fish oil and Ambien to help me sleep until recently.

There is a very real possibility I have a thyroid problem even though the test was okay several months ago. I have several nodules they are watching.

> As far as diabetes, I'm just sort of assuming it's ok. I ought to test that assumption now and then.

Stay on top of that Dinah! My blood sugar seems to be slowly creeping up. I think my fasting level was 108 last time. It used to be 99!






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