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Re: Pseudoname is dead

Posted by alexandra_k on April 21, 2009, at 20:37:11

In reply to Re: Pseudoname is dead, posted by alexandra_k on April 21, 2009, at 20:28:35

I've had this urge for a while. To respond to all your posts. There are some that weren't responded to. Some that I didn't respond to because I didn't know what to say at the time. I get this urge to go back through and respond to them all. There is something kinda morbid about that, I guess. Things would be worse if it was like I killed the conversation. Weird. Sorry. Just get this urge to do that sometimes. For you to know that I didn't not respond through lack of caring. But you are gone and it probably doesn't make any difference to you now.

I learned about this notion that I can't really spell or pronounce. Eudimonia. Plato talks about it (the properly spelt version). It is kind of like happiness but it isn't a psychological notion. It isn't about feelings of pleasure. Its kind of related to welfare and health and freedom in a bunch of weird ways. The thought is that that is what we seek... Lives can be better or worse (for the person) with respect to that. I can't explain it very well. But the thing was that your life could be better or worse (in that sense) for things that happen outside the scope of your life. So if you had plans that were made during your life and then you go... Then whether those plans result in a good outcome or whether they don't reach fruition after you are gone makes a difference to your life. So your life can be a better life for your plans being fulfilled after your life whereas your life can be a worse life for your plans failing to be fulfilled after your life. Even if you never come to know of it. An example that is kind of comprehensible is that your life seems to be worse if your partner is cheating on you (even if you never come to learn that fact) than if they aren't.

So... Maybe my regard for you now helps your life be better. If that makes any sense. Not in the psychological sense of feeling better. But in some way that mattered to you during your life that helps make your life better once you've gone. If that makes any sense. I wish I could help make things better. I'm sorry.




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