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hold on to faith

Posted by rjlockhart37 on July 15, 2022, at 14:34:03

it's almost been 20 years since i graudated high school in 2005. It seems like yesturday, and it's a memory i can't remove, because during that time I had a plan to become an investor. There were many things that happened, then in 2010 i thought i was gonna start again, it started then stopped in 2019. I went to school to study information technology and i just gave up. i went to school to get a degree but my memory is terrible, if i got a job at software company i know i would lag behind. I've been on stimulant medication, and if the net reads, ill just go ahead and tell what happened, i took dextroamphetamine for years but there was abuse that happened, my mom and my therapist, doctor threw me into psych, ripped me off dexedrine, xanax, and prozac, it was a horrible horrible time. To just be ripped off and thrown into a psych. Someone i know, very close, made it a point if i live in this house, i cannot take stimulant meidcation. So, i've drifted into 2022 with nothing but memories of what the past was, it's feeling trapped, everytime i go out, i fall behind, i'm serious, and i guess i gave up, and just started working on online projects. Hopeing to be noticed by companies or public figures in the world. That's what happened, they ripped me off dextroampohetamine, which led me to be adridt, not able to functipon well, they did twice. Yes it did cause truama, so usally i don't think about it, and try to focus in current times.

But during this time, i've looked for God, i've googled jesus christ, in how to contact him, it just says through prayer and faith. I learned some things over the years about the end times, and i've been studying how to have discernment, on how to know truth from false things. Then teach that to people, to save souls, and lead them to the narrow path of jesus. Jesus said there's gonna be many false doctrines, and imposters, that will lead people to the abyss after death. You have to know what is truth, and what is false. Use your gut, and pray to god, that he would give you wisdom. To go out into the world, harmless as a dove, wise as a serpant. There's many forms, of false jesus, they will say jesus but they will corrupt the biblical jesus, and from the bible. It's the worldly jesus, modernism, carefree, easy life, you can sins all the time, and your covered. Jesus said he does forgive sin, but if you go out and indulge, in forbidden sin, that's false teaching. Once saved, always saved, occult teaching in christain format.

The bible says, jesus mentions the narrow path, this path is narrow and few find it, the worldly doctrines, and modernism, are the broad path, this path leads to fire, the horror place, after death. So, that's what we need to save people, get them out of the broad path, and redirect to the narrow path that leads to eternal life. I don't believe in condeming people, bible beaters, abusive pastors and figures. The one thing i just want, save people, keep them on the narrow path. "Behold i send you out as sheep amist the wolves, be wise a serpant, but harmless as a dove". The holy spirit, will never tempt to live in pleasures of the world, if you get tempted to do worldly things, pleasures, indulgances, or corruption, that is not Jesus Christ. The false Jesus is the figure of world, modernism. People say christains are hypocrites, well thats because there following the false jesus, worldly indulgances. Be a follower of jesus in the bible, and know discernment, gut feeling, that something is truth or false. And do goodness, don't be a public christain that boasts about how holy they are, then they indulge exessively in sinful things behind close doors. Your valuable and don't forget it. End of log

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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