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Posted by rjlockhart37 on April 30, 2022, at 22:09:32

i've been researching about hell, and many people do not know this, they unsaved or worldly ways, after death, they call into the abyss or the hell with burning fire that is horror to see what happens to these people. From a moral stand point, we must save people from this place, if you saw what goes on down there, you would understand why im writing this. Fire burning all over, then then torture of people, by dark beings, whipping, gashing, tearing flesh off, it is worse than a horror movie, this is no exaggeration or religious scare, this place has many people in it, and if you just knew the amount of horror and suffering you would want to savve people. To not see them, burn in the fire, and be in danmation forever. Yes, there is alot of flattery about heavan, with angels, but i choose not to talk about that, yes that's nice it's a good place, but the matter is to save soul's from the abyss of horror, that is no exaggeration or writing to scare people. Anyways, i just got done watching a video about it, and saw what goes on down there, in hell, below us. Hell is below the earth, where lava and magma are, and there are trillions of unsaved people down there.

We have to warn and save people, it doenst matter what their social status is, it's their souls matters, richest person on earth, or poverety, it's the soul that matters after you die. Please look into following the ways of jesus, to give up sin and evil ways of the world, the ways of flesh and indulugance. I don't know why i wrote this, i just got done watching a christain testimoney and showed a short video of the real thing that happens down there. Follow Jesus, do not follow pastors that lead your away from jesus, there are many doctrines of devils, that are taught in a christain format, even discreet witchcraft is taught or preached in some christain teachings. They will lead you away, and deceive, and will lead you to the abyss. The narrow path that jesus had taught, that few people find it, that leads to eternal life, but there are many people, there's trillions of people in hell right now. They can't get out, they've lost all hope. There teachings that say, your always saved when you say one prayer, or i can sin all i want, and im covered. That is false, teachings, fact that they have devil doctrines in churches and preaching that to people, it's true. They teach a counterfit, jesus, a false jesus, it's decieving many people, it's a worldy jesus, do not follow it. Know what you know is truth, and don't follow false doctrine, or false jesus. Be wise a serpant, but harmless as a dove. Follow the narrow path, the path of jesus, and to be written in the lambs book of life on the last day. End of log

"There comes a time in your life where you have to choose to turn the page, write another book, or simply close it"
-Shannon L Alder




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